Heroes In Love (Maverick Billionaires Romance Collection, Books 1-3)

Cover of Heroes in Love - Maverick Billionaires Collection Books 1-3 by New York Times Bestselling Authors Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully - These bad boys have everything except love

These bad boys have everything except love! HEROES IN LOVE contains three full-length contemporary romances about the Maverick Billionaires–sexy, self-made men from the wrong side of town who survived hell together. When each Maverick falls for an incredible woman, he will find that true love is the only thing he ever needed. Millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Bella Andre’s contemporary romances!


After surviving a hellish childhood, Will Franconi is now living the dream life where everything he touches turns to gold and he’s able to buy and race the fastest cars in the world. But something’s missing. A woman like Harper Newman, who fills up the empty places inside him…if only he could ever be worthy of her love.


Sebastian Montgomery rose from nothing to become one of the most powerful media moguls on the planet. Yet beneath the seemingly perfect façade of his life, as a child he lost his faith in love and never got it back. When he discovers Charlie Ballard and her incredible metal sculptures, he is awed, inspired—-and he can’t help feeling things he swore never to let himself feel again. He wants not only Charlie’s art, he wants her as a woman. And what a Maverick wants, he always gets.


After growing up in a seedy Chicago neighborhood, Matt Tremont seemingly has it all now—brains, brawn, and billions. And most importantly, Noah, his five-year-old son, the one good outcome of a disastrous relationship that destroyed his trust. The only thing he’s lacking is the perfect nanny for his son. And Ariana Jones is absolute perfection. Utterly enchanting. Completely fascinating. And totally off limits. But when sizzling sparks of attraction turn into a forbidden, sinfully hot night of pleasure, will Ari’s love be enough to make Matt forget the past and love fearlessly?

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The Maverick Billionaires Series

  • Heroes In Love (Maverick Billionaires Romance Collection, Books 1-3)
  • Breathless In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 1)
  • Reckless In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 2)
  • Fearless In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 3)
  • Irresistible In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 4)
  • Wild In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 5)
  • Captivating In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 6)
  • Unforgettable In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 7)
  • Endless in Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 8)
  • Reunited In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 9)

What Readers Are Saying…

It’s the best of any of Bella’s many books

Bella and Jennifer hit a home run with “Reckless.” It’s the best of any of Bella’s many books. I am not that familiar with Jennifer. This one has two main characters and several lesser ones. The two main characters, Sebastian and Charlie, are complete opposites and the authors take their time unweaving their complex characters… Read more “It’s the best of any of Bella’s many books”

Amazon Reviewer

Charlie ( Charlotte) and Sebastian

Sebastian is one of the five Mavericks. Having found each other as young boys and then having one of them, Daniel’s parents Susan and Bob, taking them all in when they needed it the most. Each were successful and knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want. Sebastian saw a dragon in Chinatown and… Read more “Charlie ( Charlotte) and Sebastian”

Amazon Reviewer

Excellent & very unique Billionaire story

Sebastian grew up with alcoholic parents. At 13 he was taken in by his friend, Daniels parents. He’s now a billionaire and saw a beautiful dragon made of junkyard materials. Charlie has worked hard to take care of her mother. When they meet they are both blown away but there are always issues. I thoroughly… Read more “Excellent & very unique Billionaire story”

Amazon Reviewer

Fearlessly Finding Forever

Wow, what a fantastic story by Bella & Jennifer! There is truly nothing hotter that a dad who gives a damn about his kids. Who spends quality time with them & wants the best for them. Ari was just what both Matt & Noah needed in their lives. She & Matt have common ground when… Read more “Fearlessly Finding Forever”

Amazon Reviewer

Wonderful story!

I enjoyed this book, it made me happy, sad, longing for them to reach out and find happiness. Finding your happy life is not easy and seeing what they went through, you feel the pain, the hurt, the side of life that isn’t all wonderful. So you travel with them the ups and downs of… Read more “Wonderful story!”

Amazon Reviewer

… in the Maverick Billionaires series and so far my favorite!! I read this book in one day

This is the third book in the Maverick Billionaires series and so far my favorite!! I read this book in one day, I could not put it down. In this book you have Matt who grew up with parents that called him names and Ari who lived with a drug addict mother and then foster… Read more “… in the Maverick Billionaires series and so far my favorite!! I read this book in one day”

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Will Franconi USA billionaire with a lot of sports cars. Harper Newman brother loves older sports cars and wrote a letter to Will saying to see Will’s cars. Will wrote Jeremy that he could. Will and Jeremy like each other. Harper is very careful with her brother but Will takes him riding in one and… Read more “Hot”

Amazon Reviewer

These book are great

Sebastian Montgomery is one of the Maverick group. He runs a media company and saw some of pieces that Charlie Ballard had made and wanted she a make something on how in his new building. He knows he can make her favourite in the art world. Great… Read more “These book are great”

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Ari and Matt with Noah

Matt needs a new nanny for his five year old son. He doesn’t want to think about how many nannies they have gone through in his son’s short life, but there are just some things he won’t tolerate! Someone yelling at his son and the women who think they own not only his home, including… Read more “Ari and Matt with Noah”

Amazon Reviewer

Great start to this new series!

What a great new series by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully! I loved the idea of Billionaires in Love as soon as they announced this series and the first book is a winner for sure. Will Franconi had a rough start to life and because of it, his past has always remained a tightly guarded… Read more “Great start to this new series!”

Amazon Reviewer

Maverick billionaire book 1

This story has it all heartache loss upset anger romance disappointment and frustration. How the two main characters bounce off each other is brilliant . Harper has sole responsibility of her younger brother who happened to be handicapped by a car accident when he was 7 years old .life changed not only for Jeremy but… Read more “Maverick billionaire book 1”

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Fascinating novel

It’s a wonderful book filled with all the emotions one can think of. It’s a fairy tale book for anybody who believes in love. I would recommend it to all who loves… Read more “Fascinating novel”

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Another winning Maverick!

Fearless in Love is the third book in the Maverick Billionaires Series, and one which l had been highly anticipating for some time and this book definately didn’t disappoint.This is Matt’s story, a sexy billionaire, who is actually hotter because he’s a wonderful single dad to the cute Noah. Matt always puts little Noah first… Read more “Another winning Maverick!”

Amazon Reviewer

Couldn’t put it down! Love Matt and the rest of the Mavericks

If you are looking for a feel good romance look no further than Fearless in Love. Since this is book three of the Maverick Billionaires I was very familiar with Matt and his situation. He has full custody of Noah, a rambunctious five year old. Matt is a very picky and over protective father. It… Read more “Couldn’t put it down! Love Matt and the rest of the Mavericks”

Amazon Reviewer

Reckless In Love

Sebastian found a piece of Art and new he needed to find the Artist. It was a one of a kind piece, once his contact found out who it was, a meet was set up with Charli. He was opening/ redesigning a new building and needed her to create a unique piece. They meet, he… Read more “Reckless In Love”

Amazon Reviewer

Great read!

This is the second time I am trying to write this review! This page doesn’t make it easy to edit errors! I just wish I could remember what I said the first time. Maybe that is why so many books these days are in terrible need of better editing. This is a great love story.… Read more “Great read!”

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Mizz Bella & Mizz Jennifer wowed me with this inspiring romance. Will is a reformed bad boy who believes he doesn’t deserve goodness or live in his life beside his foster parents & his Maverick Billionaire crew. Harper is the only Guardian of her brother who lives with many challenges due to his brain injury,… Read more “UGLY CRY WORTHY”

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What’s not to love about sexy, alpha-hot billionaires? The cake is delicious, but the icing is their compassion and sensitivity to everyone they care about most. Bella and Jennifer have written a wonderful book filled with every emotion that fills our heart.Matt Tremont is one of the Maverick Billionaires whose brilliance has yielded great paybacks… Read more “AN INCREDIBLE BOOK! DON’T MISS THIS!”

Amazon Reviewer

Great addition to the series!!

What can I say about the Maverick Billionaires that hasn’t been said? This is a series about a group of friends that grew up poor & doing without to become billionaires. Fearless in Love is Matt’s story. Matt loved to read & figure things out when he was growing up. His dad was mean &… Read more “Great addition to the series!!”

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Tailored Suits & Steel Toed Work Boots!

Sebastian has made a life out of helping people, all people. When he finds Charlie, he can’t help the fact that he wants to make her artist life so much more. He commissions her to create a sculpture for his new building. Neither of them expects the chemistry & heat that is burning them up.… Read more “Tailored Suits & Steel Toed Work Boots!”

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