Tailored Suits & Steel Toed Work Boots!

Sebastian has made a life out of helping people, all people. When he finds Charlie, he can’t help the fact that he wants to make her artist life so much more. He commissions her to create a sculpture for his new building. Neither of them expects the chemistry & heat that is burning them up. However, when he isn’t able to help Charlie’s mom with her pain from osteoarthritis, he is devastated. With all his money, he should be able to help anyone. Charlie has spent her life as an artist, her medium is junk, castoffs of others. She creates beautiful pieces, but isn’t so sure she wants more than she has. Helping her mother get into a better care facility pushes her to accept Sebastian’s help. However, she refuses his monetary assistance at every turn. This story is filled with passion, chemistry & two lovely people with pasts that hold them back even though they don’t realize it. Book two in this series is special, these two people are made for each other, right down to their tailored suits and steel toed work boots! Check this series out today.