It’s the best of any of Bella’s many books

Bella and Jennifer hit a home run with “Reckless.” It’s the best of any of Bella’s many books. I am not that familiar with Jennifer. This one has two main characters and several lesser ones. The two main characters, Sebastian and Charlie, are complete opposites and the authors take their time unweaving their complex characters through development issues that keep the reader guessing. They both know what they want, and it’s each other, but getting there is the fun. Sebastian is the Maverick billionaire who rose from nothing to become a business developer. He wants a centerpiece sculpture for his new office building in central San Francisco. He spots a dragon sculpture at a church outside of Chinatown. And thus the plot unfolds, first to find the sculptor, who is Charlotte, who goes by the tomboyish name, Charlie. She is an accomplished artist, but has not sold any of her valuable works. Sebastian’s quest is to convince Charlie she is an artist worthy of major bucks for her work, to convince her to do a sculpture for his office building and ultimately to convince her to share his life.