Okay! So get ready for the story of my whole life! From Day 1 when my mom popped me out to…

Just kidding! All I’ll do is welcome you to the worlds of Jennifer Skully and Jasmine Haynes! Yes, we’re the same author, but we have different writing tastes. Even if we both inhabit the same body. That’s why there’s only one author photo instead of two!

Jennifer Skully Jasmine Haynes author bio photo

If you like laugh-out-loud contemporary romance, then look for the works of Jennifer Skully. There’s a heavy dose of thrilling mystery laced with romantic comedy, and the light side of paranormal romance, too. We’ve got sexy alpha heroes and second-chance-at-love stories. And reincarnation. I haven’t done time travel yet. Hmm, maybe that’s something for the future! I’m also co-writing The Maverick Billionaires with Bella Andre, so be sure to check out this sexy series all about Billionaires and, most importantly, family.

Jennifer Skully’s latest venture is the Once Again series, later in life holiday/vacation romances set in faraway places, all the places I want to visit and some I actually have, like Provence. I attended a writers’ retreat in a real French chateau (see pics below), and that’s where Dreaming of Provence was born!  The other really cool thing about the Once Again series are my heroines. They’re all over forty, many are in their fifties, and wow, some even sixty! And they all get a second chance at love with sexy silver foxes. Be sure to check out these escapist romances!

Jasmine Haynes writes sensual, classy, contemporary romance. My specialty is office romance. I just love sexy, alpha executive types. I worked in Silicon Valley for many years, and they say write what you know! I also love writing about mature women, maybe they’ve been divorced, or they’re career women who’ve never found time for marriage. And I love silver foxes, too! I’ve also got tear-jerkers for you and family sagas, naughty Courtesans, very friendly neighbors, and men who like to share. Prepare to be shocked!

Max Starr is a world unto herself, unlike any of my other series. She’s a psychic, her husband’s a ghost, they solve murders together… and then there’s the sexy, hunky Detective Witt Long who is NOT a ghost. So if Max’s husband is hanging around in ghostly form, is she still a widow? And oh my God, Witt’s mom, Ladybird Long, I adore her. She’s a hoot! Gosh, I guess that’s when I starting writing fabulous little old ladies into my stories! The Max books literally wrote themselves. I’d wake up in the morning having dreamed whole scenes overnight! Sometimes I didn’t even know who the killer was until Max figured it out. So get ready for some paranormal twists in the gritty mystery world of Max Starr.

Max Starr Cover Model
This is my vision of Witt Long. So I just had to use this hottie on the book covers!

My latest fetish is audiobooks. I adore them. I listen to romance, mystery, thriller, historical, paranormal, classics, even some nonfiction. And now I’m venturing into audiobooks myself, with a fabulous narrator. You’ll find both Jennifer Skully and Jasmine Haynes books on the audio bookshelf.

I do have a life outside writing, too! I live in the California Redwoods with my husband and my adorable cat Wrigley. She’s totally spoiled! We love hiking and snowshoeing in Tahoe, visiting the Monterey Peninsula, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny afternoon. And I love writing in my atrium garden. Wrigley likes it out there, too. And she loves gargoyles!

Cutie the Cat resting at the foot of a Gargoyle statue in the garden

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