Great start to this new series!

What a great new series by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully! I loved the idea of Billionaires in Love as soon as they announced this series and the first book is a winner for sure.

Will Franconi had a rough start to life and because of it, his past has always remained a tightly guarded secret. He and his group of friends, called The Mavericks, along with his foster parents, are all the family that Will has ever needed. That and making something of himself by becoming a wealthy man where everything is going his way. Or so he thought until he receives a letter from a teenaged boy who puts him on the path to meeting the boy and his sister.

After losing her parents to a car accident several years ago, Harper Newman is the guardian of her teenaged brother who was also in an accident when he was seven and depends on her for everything. She has vowed never to let him be hurt again. Harper has made the decision to close herself off to love after the men she has dated previously have only wanted to get close to her due to what she could do for them monetarily…it was never about her.

When Will and Harper meet due to the letter that her brother sent to Will, sparks fly immediately, however neither one of them wants to admit it. They both have their own hang-ups regarding why they shouldn’t get involved, but they both realize early on that it’s inevitable they are going to eventually come together. As Will builds a relationship with Harper’s brother, Jeremy, she sees her brother blossoming like he never has before. Will genuinely cares, which is a new thing for Harper to experience. Can these two people that have demons in their pasts be able to get past them and give the magnetic pull they are feeling a chance? Will they trust one another enough to open up?

Kudos to Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully for crafting a story where both the hero and the heroine learn some tough lessons about themselves throughout the course of the book. You could see both of them growing as the story went on because the other person was bringing things to the forefront that they had not realized. I really enjoyed the characters and I’m looking forward to the books of the other Mavericks still to come!