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Book Bub

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Drop Dead Gorgeous  -- Jennifer Skully
It Must Be Magic
Jennifer Skully

Wild in Love -- Jennifer Skully
Maverick Billionaires
Jennifer Skully

The Girlfriend Experience -- Jasmine Haynes
Naughty After Hours Series
Jasmine Haynes

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The home of sexy, classy, emotional contemporary romance…

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They're back in You Make Me Crazy! Joe and Kate from It Must Be Magic and One Crazy Kiss! They'll be joined by the whole crazy cast of characters from the entire Mystery of Love series! You'll get to meet Grandma Blue again (Opal's grandmother). I truly adore Grandma Blue. She reminds me a little of my own mother, although, my mother would definitely NOT say some of the things Grandma Blue does. So get your copy of You Make Me Crazy, and don't forget, It Must Be Magic is free for a limited time!

In our Mavericks line-up, Daniel's wild story, Wild in Love, is available now. Grab your copy today! Look here for all your purchase links! And pop over to the bookshelf to read more about Captivating in Love, coming to you in the fall of 2019. For those of you looking for more Mavericks in German, Fearless in Love is now available for your reading pleasure. And don't miss Breathless in Love, free for the first time! Get your copy now!

Check out all the current freebies, starting with Dead to the Max, Max Starr Series Book 1, as well as The Girlfriend Experience, The Fortune Hunter and RevengeIt Must Be Magic is also free right now to get everyone geared up for You Make Me Crazy!

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