Couldn’t put it down! Love Matt and the rest of the Mavericks

If you are looking for a feel good romance look no further than Fearless in Love. Since this is book three of the Maverick Billionaires I was very familiar with Matt and his situation. He has full custody of Noah, a rambunctious five year old. Matt is a very picky and over protective father. It has made keeping nannies a challenge to say the least.Ari works for Daniel in one of his stores. With the help of scholarships she has beaten the odds of a foster child. Her degree in Child Development makes her a great choice for Noah’s nanny.Matt has been warned off of Ari by all of the Mavericks. Matt knows he should stay away. Ari has been warned off of Matt by her friends. Ari knows she needs to stay away. Knowing and doing are two different things.Fearless in Love is a beautiful romance, but it is so much more. Fearless in Love is a story of acceptance. Fearless in Love is a story of personal growth.Matt has never dealt with his past. It affects his present. It affects how he deals with Noah. Ari carries baggage of her past. Ari still holds out hope her brother, Gideon will return. Ari is determined to have a happily ever after.Fearless in Love is full of drama. Fearless in Love made me smile. Fearless in Love made me cry. For a few pages, I even screamed. I really, really don’t like Irene. I bet you won’t either. But the ending——loved it!!!!