Charlie ( Charlotte) and Sebastian

Sebastian is one of the five Mavericks. Having found each other as young boys and then having one of them, Daniel’s parents Susan and Bob, taking them all in when they needed it the most. Each were successful and knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want. Sebastian saw a dragon in Chinatown and knew he had to find the artist! As he approaches the barn where the meeting has been set to take place, he can’t help but think how old the artist must be to have been able to make so much art. At the same time he wonders why her art hasn’t sold. What he discovers inside is a woman not much younger than himself, who takes his breath away when she removes her face shield. Will Charlie accept his offer to make a centerpiece for his new building? Will she be able to visualize the same thing he wants for the space? How does she react to the size of payment for the commission? Will it help her to care for her mother Francine better? Only one way to find out, read this great story by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully!