Reckless In Love

Sebastian found a piece of Art and new he needed to find the Artist. It was a one of a kind piece, once his contact found out who it was, a meet was set up with Charli. He was opening/ redesigning a new building and needed her to create a unique piece. They meet, he is in awe of her work, and of her, little does he know she is also attracted to him. ❤️ His mission is to find out more about her while she is building the masterpiece for their opening. They are so in tune with each other, yet so different, so how can they work? He has things in his past that continues to give him self doubt, until then can he give all to another? She is determined to do everything on her own, will she able to trust someone trying to help her? Beautiful story, absolutely loved Charli and Sebastian together, loving, fun, sexy, romantic, story!