Revenge (Naughty After Hours, Book 1)

Cover of Revenge by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jasmine Haynes

All-business Jessica Murphy has a bad case of the hots for her sexy boss. To CFO Clay Blackwell, his gorgeous accounting manager is undeniably off limits. But as their passion heats up, they’re about to break all the rules.

Tough but fair, Clay Blackwell never acts on impulse, especially not with a woman who works for him. Not even if there are a few cracks in his home life. After all, he has rules to live by.

By night, Jessica Murphy lets her fantasies about her impossibly tempting boss run wild. By day, she’s the consummate professional, always playing by the rules. Rule #1: Don’t sleep with your boss. Rule #2: Don’t seduce a coworker. Rule #3: Never poach on another woman’s territory. And Clay’s live-in girlfriend just happens to work at the same company.

But the rules no longer apply the night Jessica works late and catches Clay’s girlfriend getting wild with a coworker right on Clay’s desk.

Now it’s time to throw out the employee handbook and save her boss from his heartless lover. Because there’s always Rule #4: Never let a good man be ruined by an undeserving woman.

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What Readers Are Saying:

Another great read

Enjoyed reading this book and reading about the characters and their story. Looking forward to reading more from this… Read more “Another great read”

Amazon Reviewer

Best erotic romance I’ve read in LONG time!!!

Great story AND sizzling sex!Revenge Sex was not just about the sex — this is pure erotica at its best. A story, with characters you care about, rich characters you route for as well as groan at when they make stupid decisions and assumptions. Sexuality drives the story, but it’s an unapologetic romance at its… Read more “Best erotic romance I’ve read in LONG time!!!”

Amazon Reviewer

Sooo hot!

All I can say is…wow. This book is H-O-T, I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happened to Clay and his very different yet hot sex life. Does he stay together with his girlfriend or do they go their separate ways after the rules of engagement are broken and what happens when… Read more “Sooo hot!”

Amazon Reviewer

Simply Delicious!!!

Hotwifing/cuckholding erotica is one of these themes that if heavy-handed, can easily become a caricature or a stereotype. The topic is certainly hot and not for everyone: men who get off watching their women sexually involved with other men with whom the women may have or not emotional ties. To some couples, this is the… Read more “Simply Delicious!!!”

Amazon Reviewer

Very Good

Loved this book. Ruby and Clay are in a relationship, and Ruby screws up. I didn’t really like her, she seems to not really care about Clay. Jessica has fantasized about Clay for 3 years and when she finds out Ruby cheated on Clay? Will she get a chance to be with Clay? I liked… Read more “Very Good”

Amazon Reviewer

Sexy..Hot…A Love Story

I gave 5 fabulous stars because this was a great story. Ms Haynes is a great writer. This is my first book by her and it won’t be the last. What I enjoyed about this book was how the sexy lustful story became a love connection that Clay & Jessica had for three years but… Read more “Sexy..Hot…A Love Story”

Amazon Reviewer

Loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee it

This book is full of excitement, tension, and drama. Jasmine Haynes is by far the only person that can get me to read a book. I’m definitely continuing to read her books.… Read more “Loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee it”

Apple Books Reviewer

Exceptional erotica delivered with an unconventional romance

Man, is this book hot. It’s full of kink and taboo, so deliciously twisted, just one scene better and hotter than the next. This is exceptional erotica, in every way that counts. Very well-written, never really letting the reader draw a good, deep breath, this story just takes you under with its full-on eroticism, all… Read more “Exceptional erotica delivered with an unconventional romance”

Amazon Reviewer

Short, hot, interesting, JH knows how to write erotica.

The topic is hotwifing, I googled it, I still don’t know if its a real term and I am too shy to ask. Like swingers and swappers there are those that are turned on by being cuckolded. So much so, that it becomes an imperative to have the moment described and detailed which is even… Read more “Short, hot, interesting, JH knows how to write erotica.”

Amazon Reviewer

Sometimes sex isn’t what it seems

Clay’s live-in lover is allowed/expected to have sex with others. There are three rules for her to observe while having sex with other men: no sex with men from work, no sex with other men in her own home, and she has to tell Clay when she dates. In fact she is expected to tell… Read more “Sometimes sex isn’t what it seems”

Amazon Reviewer

Different exciting and fun to read.

Well it takes a self centered “witch” to be the inspiration to a lowlife affair .She wants hurtful sex and doesn’t want to move on. So when she’d caught and found guilty she tries to lie her way out.But luckily the story doesn’t only have one lady in it but two and the gentle one… Read more “Different exciting and fun to read.”

Amazon Reviewer


This excerpt contains explicit sexual content

© 2011 Jasmine Haynes
Chapter One

Jessica Murphy jerked, then snapped to a sitting position on the break room sofa. In the dark, the microwave clock flipped to ten-oh-five in bright blue letters. Good Lord, all she’d wanted to do was rest her eyes, a five-minute catnap; she’d slept for over an hour. The board meeting was on Friday, and she needed to review the March quarterly financials tomorrow with Clay Blackwell, her CFO. But there was an issue in CIP, the construction-in-progress account.

A noise had woken her. It couldn’t be the cleaning staff; they’d left before her so-called catnap. She rose from the couch, crossing to the door by the illumination of the microwave clock. The hallway was dark. She’d turned out all the lights, not wanting to waste electricity, especially when she was accounting manager for West Coast Manufacturing, which meant she knew exactly how much the PG&E bill was.

There it was again. Bracing herself against the doorframe, she strained to hear. A moan. Then she was sure she could make out voices, though the words were indistinguishable. She shivered slightly. The automatic thermostat turned the heating down at nine, raising it again at six in the morning. Despite being the beginning of April, the San Francisco Bay Area was still chilly at night.

Stepping out into the hallway, which bordered all the cubicles in the middle of the large accounting department, she made out lights on the far side. From the CFO’s office. But Clay had been long gone before she’d crashed on the break room sofa. Obviously, he’d come back.

What if he’d discovered her sleeping? Jessica fluffed her hair, which was curly and tended to get mashed after she slept on it. It must look like a rat’s nest. And her lipstick was probably smudged. She ran a finger under each eye to get rid of any mascara, then smoothed beneath her lips, hoping that was good enough to fix the lipstick. She hated the idea of Clay Blackwell seeing her at anything less than her best. He lived with the CEO’s executive admin, Ruby Williams, and Jessica didn’t have designs on him—she wasn’t a home wrecker—but she admired Clay immensely and...well...a woman could have her fantasies in the middle of the night when no one else suspected.

All right, nothing could be done about her appearance now. She marched down the small walkway between the cubicles, and the sounds from the other side of the thin dividers grew exponentially louder with every step she took. Jessica’s heart started to pound, and she thought about turning around and getting the hell out. Because really, what was Clay Blackwell doing in his office? And just who was he with?

She might have run, too, if she hadn’t heard distinct words in a female voice—“Clay’s never fucked me like this”—punctuated by a man’s low growl of pleasure.

Turning the corner by the end of a cubicle wall, Jessica could see straight into Clay’s office. Her breath stopped in her chest.

Ruby Williams was facedown on the desk, skirt pushed up over her butt, dark hair flowing around her shoulders, eyes closed, her red lips parted on a moan of intense pleasure. Behind her, Bradley Palmer slammed into her, each thrust shoving her across the desk. Bradley was tall, his features strained, his stubbled jaw line rigid. The AP girls oohed and aahed over his resemblance to Brad Pitt. Jessica had never liked Brad Pitt. She didn’t particularly like Bradley Palmer either.

And she hated Ruby for letting Bradley screw her right on Clay’s desk. She and Clay had lived together for three years, since shortly before Jessica had started at West Coast Manufacturing. Even if they weren’t married, Clay was Ruby’s significant other in every sense of the word. And Ruby worked at West Coast, too, for God’s sake. This was so totally wrong.

Jessica should have run away right then, but her feet were rooted to the carpet right outside the pool of light spilling from the open door. She couldn’t move. She could only watch. And listen.

“Isn’t it hot, baby? Tomorrow when you’re meeting with him”—Ruby giggled—“you can think about what you were doing to me right here.”

“Fuck yes.” Bradley grunted. No, he wasn’t handsome at all. He was a gnat compared to Clay. How could Ruby do this?

Yet Ruby shuddered and moaned. “You’re so much better than Clay is, baby.”

Ruby had never been good enough for Clay. She was vain and selfish. How could she humiliate him by having sex in his office? A slap in his face. Even worse, it was Bradley, a whiny wimp, who always complained that Clay didn’t think his work was good enough. Well, it wasn’t.

Other than sex, what the hell did Clay see in this horrible woman?

Jessica would never cheat on a man she loved. She would cherish Clay. She’d never let another man bend her over his desk and take her like a dog.

But she’d let Clay do it. She’d let Clay do anything. Everything. For a moment—a very long moment—she closed her eyes and felt Clay inside her. The way she’d imagined him in her fantasies.

Until Ruby made another noise, a cross between a gasp and a wail. Her eyelids squeezed shut, she bit down hard on her lip as her face contorted in climax.

Maybe Jessica had always been jealous of her, but even mussed up and facedown on Clay’s desk, she was still beautiful, still perfect. At forty, five years older than Jessica, Ruby was sexier than Jessica had ever felt.

Then Ruby opened her eyes and pushed back on Bradley. “Don’t come in me yet. I want you to come in my mouth.”

He grimaced. “Fuck, baby.”

“I want your come in my mouth,” she insisted with a pretty pout on her lips.

He laughed. “All right. Suck me, baby.” Pulling out, he tossed the condom in Clay’s trash can, then flopped back in the big leather chair that Clay filled far better than he did.

The chair rolled until it hit the wall.

Good Lord. That was the first impressive thing she’d ever seen about Bradley. He was big and thick, and Ruby went down on her knees, then took him in her mouth.

Jessica felt something inside. A shifting, a need. It was suddenly hard to breathe, and more than anything, she wanted to touch herself. She was inexplicably wet, part of her horrified. But a bigger piece saw Clay in that chair—and she was the woman on her knees in front of him. She could almost taste him.

Ruby moaned and groaned, her mouth sounding slick and slippery around him. Repelled yet fascinated, Jessica fisted her hands as she watched.

Then Ruby lifted her head. “I want your come on my cheeks when I have to go home to him. I want to smell you on me. To remind me how good this is.”

His hand around his cock, Bradley stroked himself as Ruby sucked on his crown. He threw his head back against the chair and his hips thrust up, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. Then, as his body began to jerk, Ruby backed off, and his come shot against her cheek, then it pulsed, dripping down onto his hand. Ruby leaned close to lick it clean. When that was done, she rubbed Bradley’s come into her cheek, then sucked her fingers.

Then Ruby turned to the open door and laughed. “I know you’re out there spying, Jessica.”

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