Show Me How to Leave You (Naughty After Hours, Book 9)

Cover of Show Me How to Leave You by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jasmine Haynes

An After Hours Naughty Bite!

A man with a bewitching wife. And a huge problem.

Neal Thomas’s wife found The Club, an exclusive establishment catering to those with unconventional tastes. First, they went there to watch. Then they went there to be watched. And it fired up their love life beyond his wildest imaginings.

But now Neal’s wife wants to do more. With other men. While Neal watches.

Suddenly it isn’t so crazy hot anymore, and Neal has to ask himself if he’s enough for his wife.

Now he has to decide. Does he love her? Or does he leave her?

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Show Me How to Leave You
© 2019 Jasmine Haynes


Neal Thomas stood on the fringes of the party and the laughter, a plate of barely touched food on the sideboard beside him. It was all good stuff, but he wasn’t hungry.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out to find his wife’s name slashed across the screen. He was smack in the middle of a work potluck—not that he’d contributed any food—to celebrate the successful conclusion of the December year-end reporting and Tricia Connelly’s engagement to David Farris.

Potlucks weren’t his thing, but since David was a VP, all the VPs of West Coast were there, as was Holt Montgomery, their CEO. Attendance seemed mandatory.

It was Friday after five, and he’d forgotten to tell Rebecca he’d be late. Not that it mattered much; they were both Silicon Valley careeraholics and because they didn’t have kids, exact arrival times weren’t important.

But there’d been something about her demeanor that was off when he left this morning, a feeling that had simmered in his gut all day.

He exited the conference room to the empty hallway outside and answered with, “Hey.”

“Hey you.”

“I forgot to tell you I’m going to be late. Potluck at work.” He walked slowly down the corridor, phone to his ear.

Rebecca snorted softly. “Oh my God. Don’t you just hate those things?”

“They’re fine.” He’d just been thinking of ways to get out of there and couldn’t say why he wasn’t agreeing with her.

“I’m going to be late, too.” Her voice took on a breathy quality.

The sound put him on guard. Just like it had this morning when she ransacked her closet in an endless decision on what to wear for the day.

“Okay.” His heart stepped up to a faster beat in his chest.

“I’ve decided tonight’s the night.” A note of excitement crept into her tone. Breathy. Excited. And this morning she’d sifted through her lingerie drawer for way, way too long.

“The night for what?” He turned and started the circuit back to the conference room. Over the din of his heart, he could barely hear the laughter and voices flowing out through the open door.

She huffed air at him. “What we talked about.” Like he was supposed to know.

“What did we talk about?” He kept his voice neutral.

“You know. My boss.”

There it was, the reason for her manic trip through her closet, the reason for the breathiness in her voice, the reason for the excitement brewing in her words.

“What the hell are you talking about?” But he knew. He’d known it since this morning. At least his gut sure as hell had.

“Our fantasy.” He heard a tap and imagined her high heel coming down hard on linoleum. “We talked about this.”

“We didn’t talk about it at all.” He didn’t shout, mindful of the party a few feet away. “You didn’t say one goddamn thing this morning.”

She huffed at him again, like he was an irritating gnat buzzing around her face. “That’s because you were rushing out.”

He hadn’t rushed.

“We talked about it last night.” Her voice was whispery enough to sound like her teeth were clenched. “While we were fucking. Remember?”

It had become one of her favorite fantasies. A power play. She was the controller at her company. But she wanted to climb another rung on the corporate ladder. So she’d devised all manner of nasty ways to seduce her boss, the current CFO. Because she wanted his job. Because it was fun. Because she loved sex.

“We were fucking,” he said, keeping his voice low, his eye on the conference room. “That’s all I remember.”

“And you got so hot when I told you how I’d walk around his desk and straddle his lap in that big executive chair of his.” She dropped to that low seductive note that seemed to slither right inside and grab him by the cock.

He remembered last night. And suddenly he was hard. She could always do that to him.

“Then I’d take his cock out. And you couldn’t decide whether I should suck him or fuck him. And you wanted me to do both.”

Oh yeah, he remembered. Their sex life was one big fantasy. Sometimes they made those fantasies a reality at the club. A sex club. But that was for the club. That was for the two of them. That wasn’t Rebecca alone with her boss.

He’d never agreed to that.

But he should never have let her fantasize about it.

His chest went tight, making it hard to breathe, hard to think.

“No.” It was all he said as last night’s sex talk came back to him.

“What do you mean?” Her tone turned clipped and hard. She was pissed.

“No. I don’t want you fucking your boss.” A burst of laughter from the conference room covered his words. He could have gone back to his office, probably should have, but the need to deal with Rebecca now, this second, kept him rooted to the spot.

“You sure as hell wanted it last night.” She sounded like she was grinding away half the enamel on her teeth.

“I told you I don’t give you permission to sleep with your boss tonight.” Not tonight or any night.

Rebecca breathed in deeply. Then shot it straight down the phone line at him. “You said you were okay with it.”

“No, you asked me to be okay with it.” It was part of the sex talk, part of getting themselves worked up. But while he’d been fantasizing with her, she’d meant it for real. “And I’m not.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before I made all these plans?”

It was clear where she’d been heading. And leading him along by his dick. He felt an ache at the back of his eyeballs. “I never asked you to make plans. You said you’d been thinking about it. That it would add excitement to our marriage.” Their marriage didn’t need any more excitement. They were already doing enough at the club, way more than enough, going there every other month or so to work out their kinkiest fantasies. And it was all good at the club. At least for the most part. There were a few exceptions.

But her boss? No. That wasn’t good at all. “I never said I agreed.”

“But you let me fantasize about it when we were in bed. It got you all hot and bothered. I thought you agreed it would be totally sexy to try it for real.”

She didn’t get it. No, cross that out, he was the one who hadn’t gotten it. “It was a fantasy.” The ache was inside his head now, crushing his skull. Because she wasn’t wrong. He’d let her talk like everything was real because it made their sex totally wild. He’d had a hand in creating the situation. And he’d let it get totally out of control.

“You even bought me the lingerie to wear.”

“I bought you the lingerie to wear while we were fantasizing. Not to actually fuck your boss while you’re wearing it.” He turned, put his hand on the wall, his fingers curled like claws. She’d wanted him to fuck her in the dressing room while she tried on every skimpy, delectable confection. He’d always thought he was buying it for the two of them. While she’d been buying it to entice her asshole boss.

When did they stop knowing how to communicate?

“But what about everything we did at the club?” she demanded.

“All that other stuff we did at the club, that was us doing it together. Not you alone with some guy.” How could she not see the difference?

Except that they’d been heading in this direction. Of course they had. He just hadn’t wanted to see it.

“You set me up to think I could do it.”

His voice dropped to a harsh note that seemed to rasp in his throat. “No, I didn’t. You were the one who set me up.” If she’d told him this morning, he would have said something then. But she hadn’t. Probably because she’d wanted to blindside him like this when he couldn’t talk rationally. “And if you do this—” He cut himself off before he could issue the ultimatum. Before they said things they couldn’t come back from.

“If I do it, what? I can’t come home again? What are you going to do?”

His heart was so loud in his ears now, he could barely hear her. What would he do? What could he do? “I don’t know.”

“Well, then I guess you better figure that out.” And she was gone, the only sound left being the incessant beat of his heart.

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