Short, hot, interesting, JH knows how to write erotica.

The topic is hotwifing, I googled it, I still don’t know if its a real term and I am too shy to ask. Like swingers and swappers there are those that are turned on by being cuckolded. So much so, that it becomes an imperative to have the moment described and detailed which is even more of a turn on for some. Before I read this book, I wouldn’t have thought this was possible and certainly not that I could read about it and see the beginning of a love story, but we all come in different shades of want and desire. At the end I believe this can be true but more importantly, this story had me engrossed in the desires of Clay and Jessica to the point where I would have read a lot more about their strange relationship than where it stopped in this book. However, this would normally make me feel frustrated because I do like a long book, but I have to hand it to this author, she has never disappointed me and she knows just where to stop a story and leave the reader waiting. It is not a cliffhanger, it is just a short, short book. If you want to be intrigued, shocked a little, drool a bit over her description of a hot older guy, and read some of the most erotic scenes ever, this is one of those books. I recommend it highly!!