Simply Delicious!!!

Hotwifing/cuckholding erotica is one of these themes that if heavy-handed, can easily become a caricature or a stereotype. The topic is certainly hot and not for everyone: men who get off watching their women sexually involved with other men with whom the women may have or not emotional ties. To some couples, this is the ultimate sexual bliss and liberation, this combination of voyeurism and exhibitionism. It is much is vogue these days, given the number of blogs/websites dedicated to the topic. Thus, in the interest of full-disclosure, I must say that I helped stir Jasmine Haynes to some of these sites for research purposes. I am glad to report that Jasmine made good use of her research for “Revenge Sex: A West Coast Hotwifing novel” is simply delicious!! The book is a fun, true to its nature and highly erotic read that, yet, manages to be romantic and classy. Jasmine achieved a balance in her approach to this fascinating topic whithout cheapening her style or compromising the genre. Though controvertial, hotwifing is a tintilating concept that may not appeal to a lot of readers, but that given a chance, some will be highly entertained.