Exceptional erotica delivered with an unconventional romance

Man, is this book hot. It’s full of kink and taboo, so deliciously twisted, just one scene better and hotter than the next. This is exceptional erotica, in every way that counts. Very well-written, never really letting the reader draw a good, deep breath, this story just takes you under with its full-on eroticism, all the way from hard to sensual and back to kinky again. You know it’s good erotica when your chest feels as if it’s pounding and when you feel as if you are actually in the scene. Too, too good.In this story, we have hotwifing, that special kink where a man gets off on knowing his woman is being done by another man. Clay enjoys this sanctioned cheating; he loves the smell and the taste of another man on his woman. He wants to see the evidence, to taste it, to lick it, and to hear all about it. The appeal is that when she comes back to him afterwards, it’s with the knowledge that someone wanted and had what was his but only Clay will be able to truly satisfy her. <"You need this, you need me. He was just an appetizer, but he wasn't man enough to take you the way you need it."> Clay is the main course.This hotwifing is to be done with certain rules Clay has attached, and when his current lover, Ruby, breaks those rules, Clay turns to one of his employees, Jessica. That scene with those two on the conference table… It’s almost too hot to describe. It’s the type of eroticism that sticks in your head. Sexy, kinky and naughty. And the sex gets even better than that. There is also the added taboo of boss/employee, one of my very favorite themes. Throw in the fact that Clay is an older man (45), and the heat level increases for me. Add in that he feels betrayed by Ruby and has been fighting sexual feelings for Jessica all along, and then you get to the true heart of the story.How will this play out for all parties who just all happen to work together at the same company? I didn’t think I’d understand this appeal, as cuckholding isn’t really a kink I gravitate to, but this author gave me something so good here. All that raw passion mixed with a little jealousy and a whole lot of naughtiness was a heady combination. But this story also goes beyond the apparent kink you see on the surface. It’s a sweetly twisted tale of romance with a bit of angst, tied together with those sexually charged scenes filled with need, desire and even with love. I thought it was very well done, super hot, and titillating.Book 2 of this series is