Love On Vacation (Once Again, Box Set 4 – 6)

Love on Vacation book cover

“Jennifer Skully is knocking it out of the park with her Once Again series!” 5-Star Review

“Jennifer Skully nails the mature romance!” 5-Star Review

Do you dream of romance and love in foreign lands?

Then let the Once Again series whisk you off with later-in-life heroines who find love and sexy silver foxes on their dream vacations. Love on Vacation gives you three sentimental novels where love always finds you.

Under the Northern Lights

Love under the northern lights at Christmas? Is there anything more romantic?

18 months after her husband’s death, Gina Maxwell still isn’t ready to start dating. Until Blake Dunnell saves her from being hit by a bus while she’s Christmas shopping in San Francisco. When Blake invites her on a Christmas trip to see the northern lights in Norway, something in his eyes tells her that if she doesn’t take this trip with him, she’ll regret it forever. But is this the holiday of a lifetime? Or a disaster in the making?

Stargazing on the Orient Express

Can a deluxe trip aboard the most romantic train in the world save their failing marriage?

As Marnie and Guy Slade head off for the vacation of a lifetime, traveling first class from Paris to Venice, everything seems perfect. Until Marnie sees a strange text on her husband’s phone. With jealousy suddenly flaring between them, their passions are unexpectedly rekindled thirty years after their “I do’s.” Can the beauty and magic surrounding them entice Marnie and Guy to pledge themselves to each other all over again?

Memories of Santorini

There’s magic beneath the blue domes of Santorini…

Angela Walker spent three glorious weeks on Santorini after she graduated from college. Now, thirty years later, it’s time to go back to that beautiful island and the warm blue sea, the only place where she was ever completely happy. The place where she fell in love with Xandros, the young man she had to leave behind. But can they find that same happiness again when he learns all the secrets she’s kept from him?

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What Readers Are Saying:


Where is the Sequel? This story must continue – A beach bum, an almost married American woman, and the blue tile roofs of Santorini. What a… Read more “NOOOOOO. DONT END! Not yet!”

Amazon Reviewer

Emotional & Adventurous Second Chance

Still loving this Series, the stories are really deep and get on down below the surface and to the Heart of some real life-like matters. Very touching story and heartfelt romance that kept me glued to the pages. Love Angela, her strength is admirable and the rekindling of her first true love had the perfect… Read more “Emotional & Adventurous Second Chance”

Amazon Reviewer

later in life love

I loved this book!!!!! Especially because the characters were in their sixties, showing the romance and sex is still an important part of a… Read more “later in life love”

Amazon Reviewer

Reunion of a Thirty Year Love

Not a second chance at love romance, but a reunion with a love that has lasted thirty years. Angela Walker has been divorced, from her controlling husband, for the past year. She has secrets, who doesn’t, but she needs to find a way to talk, maybe confess to her daughter. She realizes that her daughter,… Read more “Reunion of a Thirty Year Love”

Amazon Reviewer

This is deep

Wow, this is outstanding and a very rare instance for me to choose to read. This couple realistically portrays that restoration is possible, if the foundation is solid. They need a trek down memory lane, clean out the spider webs in their thought process and air out the secret closets. Very captivating, emotional, very well… Read more “This is deep”

Amazon Reviewer

A Beautiful Novel

‘Memories of Santorini’ is another wonderful book of second chances by the talented author, Jennifer Skully.Her main characters, Angela Walker and Xandros Daskalaris are realistic and compelling. I have so enjoyed all of the ‘Once Again’ novels and this one is no exception. I highly recommend this… Read more “A Beautiful Novel”

Amazon Reviewer

Relationship priorities

Linda was like a poison that Marnie let influence her mind and actions! Gad!! Marnier was hard for me to like. She was so quick to believe the worst about a man she loved for 30 years because of a sour bitter friend! WTH? Guy was a true keeper and deserved better from Marnie. A… Read more “Relationship priorities”

Amazon Reviewer

Another Fantastic Read!

This one really really hits home! I want this in my life for sure! Felt every insecurity, every bit of jealousy and also the passion and joy. I’m emotionally drained but couldn’t put this book… Read more “Another Fantastic Read!”

Amazon Reviewer

Good to get away

Good book. Especially for us “older” folks. Gives you a chance to wonder – What would you do in her… Read more “Good to get away”

Amazon Reviewer

Fun read

This isn’t my usual genre, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple where she is a CEO and her husband is a PE teacher at a private school, with a big mortgage, two sons in Ivy League college, lost their communication. He surprised her for their 30th anniversary With a trip on the Orient Express… Read more “Fun read”

Amazon Reviewer

Swept me away!

Took me on an adventure that reminded me that everything you need already resides in your heart. A real… Read more “Swept me away!”

Amazon Reviewer

Second chances are sweeter

For a 30 year old Sienna was exceptionally immature and selfish, but she did wake up and grow. Matthew was so mature and accepting. Who knew??? Donald , the ex was a shrewd, soulless, manipulative bully. Beyond despicable! I loved how Angela and Xandros just picked up where they left off like it was all… Read more “Second chances are sweeter”

Amazon Reviewer

A great read!

STARGAZING ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS by Jennifer Skully is book five of the A Once Again Novel series and my favorite of the bunch!Guy and Marnie Slade are taking a trip from Paris to Venice to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Their marriage is on shaky ground mostly because they’ve stopped talking and confiding in… Read more “A great read!”

Amazon Reviewer

Fantastic book.

I loved this book. At first I wasn’t sure Guy and Marnie’s relationship will survive. Are either one of them cheating? Guy plans an anniversary trip and Marnie doesn’t seem like she really wants to go. So many problems. Loved feeling connected with them. Loved their interactions with a famous couple. Loved how they learn… Read more “Fantastic book.”

Amazon Reviewer

Relatable and romantic mature romance

The beauty and strength of this mature romance rests in the premise: Guy and Marnie have been married a long time and things are no longer going well. I can’t recall the last time I discovered a romance featuring a married couple trying to work through a rough patch for whom it looks like divorce… Read more “Relatable and romantic mature romance”

Amazon Reviewer

A page turner with the perfect ending

UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, by Jennifer Skully is book 4 in the Once Again series.Gina Maxwell suddenly finds herself a widow at 60—lonely, angry at her her husband for dying and ending all their future plans.Christmas shopping in San Francisco, she’s nearly run over by a bus when Blake Dunnell saves her. The to-die-for silver fox… Read more “A page turner with the perfect ending”

Amazon Reviewer

Loved this Book!

I’m still sighing over this book! I want to be Gina and have that luscious man!!! Makes living real life such a bummer and also makes me think about how to change my life to get that! Keep these wonderful romances coming! They are all just… Read more “Loved this Book!”

Amazon Reviewer

Snowy, steamy, mature romance

Lush and emotional are two words that always come to mind when I experience Jennifer Skully’s Once Again series. Each book features a strong, mature woman finding her way to love again in a wholly believable and genuinely relatable way. Under the Northern Lights falls at the perfect time of year: it features a romantic… Read more “Snowy, steamy, mature romance”

Amazon Reviewer

Such a unique story…

Loved the main characters, even though they would be regarded as past their sell by date they were still passionate & sexual. He saved her from being run over by a bus when she distractedly stepped into the road, instant attraction that blossomed quickly to compelling passion. The widow was being pressurized by her adult… Read more “Such a unique story…”

Amazon Reviewer

Greek Island Romance

Just an awesomely good read. Angela Walker, 22 years, just graduated university, though engaged to be married to someone she’s not crazy about decides to go to the beautiful island Santorini in the Aegean Sea. There she falls in love with her travel guide a 6’3″ Xandros and they spend the time together making love… Read more “Greek Island Romance”

Amazon Reviewer