Great setting for a 2nd chance at romance

4.5 starsI am a pushover when it comes to good second chance romances (probably my favorite romance trope) and this latest in Jennifer Skully’s Once Again series I thoroughly enjoyed. It has a lot of pluses, including:- the Greek setting- lead characters in their 50’s- a love that lasts for decades- a secret that needs airing- a mother-daughter conflict- an unexpected second chance at love and strengthening ties with family, and- a really creepy, manipulative ex-husband who steals the prize for egotism and lack of compassion.It’s a story that totally captured my interest; I really liked the two leads; and the travelogue portion of the book was just enough to set the stage without getting too detailed. The talk of Greek food and drink had my mouth watering. And though female lead Angela’s daughter Sienna enters the story as judgmental, career-obsessed and totally uninterested in a relationship with her mother, as the plot progresses her own story added a lot to the emotional content.The romancing has some heat to it but isn’t excessive and it’s integral to the well-crafted story.I’ve read every book in this series that has taken me to some gorgeous European locales with mature couples who get their HEAs. Can’t wait to see where the next in the series takes me!I read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest opinion.