Greek Island Romance

Just an awesomely good read. Angela Walker, 22 years, just graduated university, though engaged to be married to someone she’s not crazy about decides to go to the beautiful island Santorini in the Aegean Sea. There she falls in love with her travel guide a 6’3″ Xandros and they spend the time together making love on the beach, in his small cozy rooms and everywhere not being able to get enough of each other. At the end of 3 weeks Angela promises to returenn in one year to their cafe after she has time to disengage from her fiancee. Of course, it never happens because her domineering Italian momma talks her out of the silly idea of marrying a beach bum versus a wealthy elite. The next 30 years is a heartbreaker for Angela as she learns she is married to a controlling, manipulative, devious monster who turns her son and daughter against her. After he divorces her for a younger woman she returns to Santorini with her daughter hoping to re-bond with Sienna and on the slight chance that she might see her lover, Xandros. This is a poignant, nostalgic, yet also sensuously steamy romance beautifully told and a joy to read. Received this arc and have voluntarily reviewed.