Sheer Dynamite

The title says it all!

I loved this book! Like the characters in all of Jennifer Skully’s books, these are quirky, loveable and sincere in their motivation.Opal, the blacksheep non-psychic in a family reknown for their paranormal abilities, believes (at long last!) she’s had a vision. In her excitement, she causes a three-car pile up on the highway, where her…


I loved this book! It was so cute…. It was funny, quirky, very sexy and romantic!! The characters were very interesting and Grandmother Blue was a hoot. Jack and Opal were the perfect match……. right from the first moment we met them they leaped off the page at you. Their characters were vivid and endearing……..


Opal Smith comes from a long line of bona fide psychics. Other than her Grandma Blue, Opal is the only member of the family without any psychic talent what-so-ever. Opal’s brother is the golden child of the family. He is known world-wide, like his father before him. He even has his own television show. Opal’s…