Opal Smith comes from a long line of bona fide psychics. Other than her Grandma Blue, Opal is the only member of the family without any psychic talent what-so-ever. Opal’s brother is the golden child of the family. He is known world-wide, like his father before him. He even has his own television show. Opal’s mother is the psychic to the stars and cares for no one other than herself and her wonderful son. Opal’s sister, Pearl, has a gift when it comes to reading taros and runes for people. Out of those family members, Opal only feels close to Pearl and Grandma Blue. Opal and Pearl even own a store together called Bedazzled. Pearl does readings for customers and draws in repeat customers. Opal has a head for finance and keeps the store stocked and drawing a profit. But Opal has always wanted to have at least a little bit of psychic talent. When Opal sees a phantom body fall from an overpass, she is excited. This is her first REAL vision.Jack Davis, the guy who rear-ends Opal, is not happy at all. Upon hearing why the lovely blonde slammed on her brakes during rush hour traffic, he knows she is nuts. But Jack is a sucker for blonde hair and fair eyes. When Jack learns she plans to stalk the overpass until the man shows up to jump, he is determined to save Opal from her own recklessness. It is nice that the lady wants to prevent the man from jumping, but with the way she looks and dresses, Opal is asking for trouble. There is no way he is going to let her walk the overpass for hours everyday, while guys in cars try to pick her up. But Jack does not anticipate Opal’s matchmaking Grandma Blue, who claims he is the reincarnation of “Dynamite” Davis, her all-time favorite race-car driver.Grandma Blue believes that Opal is the only normal person in a family chocked full of nuts, besides herself of course. And Grandma Blue looks forward to using her so-called acerbic wit and outrageous suggestions to bring Opal and Jack together. The boy needs his some chaos in his stuffy life and her granddaughter is just the one to do it.***** There are some wonderful sub-plots in this story as well. Pearl’s romance with her ex-boyfriend, Nile, unfolds throughout this tale. Yes, Nile is psychic too. He finds people by touching their stuff. He is normally too late to save them though. He is currently looking for a run-away. Pearl and Nile’s romance and problems soon merge with Opal and Jack’s life. As they hunt for the missing girl, dead or alive, a killer is close behind them. This adds some suspense to this wonderful romance and kept me begging for more. Jennifer Skully proves, once again, that she can work magic with her stories. Excellent! *****Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.