Sheer Dynamite-Joyfully Recommended

Opal Smith is the only one in her family that doesn’t have a physic ability, so she’s always felt like an outsider. When she has her first paranormal experience, a ghostly body falling from an overpass, it causes an accident, which brings Jack Davis into her life. Jack is less than thrilled when Opal explains why she slammed on her brakes in the fast line of the freeway. Opal’s grandmother, Blue, is determined to get her married off. And Jack looks like the perfect match. Blue claims that Jack is the reincarnation of Dynamite Davis, a famous racecar driver. Now Jack is convinced he needs to save Opal from her crazy family and herself!I had so much fun reading Sheer Dynamite that I hated for it to end! Jack and Opal make the pages come alive while the rest of the characters kept me grinning! Funny and downright hot, Sheer Dynamite is a must read for fans of contemporary romance with a healthy dose of hilarity!MelissaReviewed for Joyfully Reviewed