The title says it all!

I loved this book! Like the characters in all of Jennifer Skully’s books, these are quirky, loveable and sincere in their motivation.Opal, the blacksheep non-psychic in a family reknown for their paranormal abilities, believes (at long last!) she’s had a vision. In her excitement, she causes a three-car pile up on the highway, where her hero literally runs into her. She not only believes she’s seen a man fall off an interstate overpass, she NEEDS to believe it and to convince her family that she isn’t so odd–she can see things, too.Jack, who rammed the back of her car when she made a sudden, unexpected stop in a moving lane of traffic, thinks Opal is crazy. But she’s sweet and really, really sexy. Jack was raised a gentleman and he kind of plays along with Opal to make her feel better. Great! Next thing he knows, he’s agreed to meet her family and confirm that yes, Opal had a vision. When he meets her brother and mother, both of whom practically ignore Opal, Jack defends her out of sympathy. He’s hooked!Add hilarious Grandma Blue, a kidnapping, and a dead racecar driver named Dynamite Jack Davis, and you have a book you’ll hate to put down!