Sheer Dynamite: a Jennifer Skully magical romance!

When Opal has a vision of a body falling from the overpass, she knows she can finally prove herself to her psychically famous family. Unfortunately, Jack Davis, ran into the back of her car in the process but she can use hime to verify her vision when it comes true. Determined to prove herself, she ropes Jack into her escapades despite his reluctance. Can he fight his past and find the dream of his heart as Opal leads him from one danger to another? And what about Grandma Blue who swears Jack is reincarnated Dynamite Davis the famouse race car driver?This book is absolutely crazy and Jennifer Skully fans will love it! Sheer Dynamite a contemporary romance but also a supernatural romance with all sorts of psychic characters and a couple of the craziest most lovable and humorous characters. Jennifer Skully intrigues the reader by writng two romances, one light and the other tinged with darkness, danger and brooding. Both pull the reader into the heart of this romance. The romance between Pearl and Niles with all its darkness was the perfect counterpoint to the zany, humorous romance between Jack and Opal. Grandma Blue is a total scream and one of the most fun, interfering, crazy, heartful characters. Opal is ditzy and yet she has the biggest heart (and yes, the contellation on the cover is in the shape of a heart). I don’t usually like ditzy heroines but Opal is the exception to the rule. She just has the kindest heart and her crazy logic is magical. She may do everything wrong and not fit in with her psychically renowned family but she always finds herself doing everything right because she is led by the crazy logic of her heart.