Reckless in Love

Great read!

This is the second time I am trying to write this review! This page doesn’t make it easy to edit errors! I just wish I could remember what I said the first time. Maybe that is why so many books these days are in terrible need of better editing. This is a great love story….

Reckless In Love

Sebastian found a piece of Art and new he needed to find the Artist. It was a one of a kind piece, once his contact found out who it was, a meet was set up with Charli. He was opening/ redesigning a new building and needed her to create a unique piece. They meet, he…

Beautiful Story!

This was a wonderful story, Charlie and Sebastian were so real to me, their journey to find the path to love, their art and life was beautiful. We all have our demons to get through, passions,disappointments but their story was truly amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Belle Andre foes not disappoint with her stories. Well…

These book are great

Sebastian Montgomery is one of the Maverick group. He runs a media company and saw some of pieces that Charlie Ballard had made and wanted she a make something on how in his new building. He knows he can make her favourite in the art world. Great read