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I’ve got a brand new Naughty After Hours erotic romance novella for you this month! An After Hours Naughty Bite, as I like to call them. If you read A Very Naughty Christmas, you’ll remember in the epilogue that something strange was going on with Neal Thomas (hint, hint, his wife wanted to sleep with his boss!! Covering mouth in shock!!). Neal’s story is so big that it’s going to take two parts to tell it. So first get the scoop on Neal and his wife in Show Me How to Leave You. And that’s just going to whet your appetite for Show Me How to Love You.

A man with a bewitching wife. And a huge problem.

Neal Thomas’s wife found The Club, an exclusive establishment catering to those with unconventional tastes. First, they went there to watch. Then they went there to be watched. And it fired up their love life beyond his wildest imaginings.

But now Neal’s wife wants to do more. With other men. While Neal watches.

Suddenly it isn’t so crazy hot anymore, and Neal has to ask himself if he’s enough for his wife.

Now he has to decide. Does he love her? Or does he leave her?

You can read an excerpt on the website! Or just jump right in and grab your copy!

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Congrats to Jeannette T., the winner of the autographed set of the complete Castle Inc Series.

For the next contest, let’s do a double, Open Invitation Series and Somebody’s Lover Trilogy. These are the old Berkley books, which I’ll autograph, and they each include a trilogy, so six stories in all! This contest is an exclusive perk for newsletter subscribers. So be sure to join our newsletter for the scoop on how to enter! Plus you get free books just for joining!

Check out all the current freebies, starting with Dead to the Max, Max Starr Series Book 1, as well as The Girlfriend Experience, The Fortune Hunter, Revenge, It Must Be Magic and Breathless in Love! I’m going to be switching things around so grab them before they’re gone!

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