Fair Game (Castle Inc, Book 3)

Cover of Fair Game by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jasmine Haynes - Castle Inc 3

A chance encounter on a crowded elevator. A single naughty act in that one crazy moment. Now everything is fair game…

Josie Tybrook is obsessed with her career and proving herself in the family business. Late for the most important meeting of her life, she pushes her way onto a packed elevator. And nothing will ever be the same.

After a risqué encounter on a crowded elevator, Kyle Perry wants way more out of Josie than a professional relationship. But when she’s determined to keep everything strictly business, Kyle issues a sizzling erotic challenge he’s sure she can’t resist. They embark on a passionate secret affair that quickly escalates to a battle of wills, the sexual challenges heating to the boiling point.

But when Josie is faced with losing everything she’s worked so hard for, will the final battle be for her heart?

“FAIR GAME is like Norman Love chocolates – decadent, delicious and impossible to keep from devouring.” Romance Junkies

“Put on your asbestos gloves, crank down the temperature, have something cool to drink because this book is HOT.” ReaderToReader

“If you are looking for an exhilarating romance, where you can lose yourself in the story, then look no farther than Fair Game.” Manic Readers

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What Readers Are Saying:

5 Kisses, TwoLips Reviews

Kyle Perry is on his way to his office and Josie Tybrook is on her way to a meeting with a new customer that she’s anxious to impress. They bump into each other – quite literally – in the elevator, and the crush of bodies gives them an excuse to rub up against each other.… Read more “5 Kisses, TwoLips Reviews”

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Awesome ending to the Fortune Hunter Series!

Incredible writing! Her attention to detail gives the story-line depth. Jasmine Haynes never seizes to amaze me! Can’t wait to read… Read more “Awesome ending to the Fortune Hunter Series!”

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This was the first adult romance novel I (Erin) ever bought and it gave me new genres to look at while book shopping! It was fully of adult steam and intimacy games and left me wanting more! I have since then purchased several more of her books and she never… Read more “THE BEST GAME”

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Fair Game

Josie Tybrook is late for a meeting and furious because her boss has stood her up. Now she doesn’t have the materials to give to the clients like she should. One bright spot is the guy she just kind of met in the elevator. Thinking she will never see this man again, Josie does something… Read more “Fair Game”

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Reviewed by Romance Junkies!

A simple, risqué act in an elevator comes back to haunt Josie Tybrook when she meets the man she will be working with on a new project. It seems with one sensuous touch she has turned their relationship into FAIR GAME.Irritated at her boss and late for a meeting when she prides herself on her… Read more “Reviewed by Romance Junkies!”

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Hot and Likeable

I was hooked on this book for the very beginning. The characters are likeable and the sex is hot, hot,hot!!!!The only slight misstep in my opinion is the “set up” in the bar with Kisa. Had it ended the way it was planned, that would have been cruel.However,in the end, everything worked out. I especially… Read more “Hot and Likeable”

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What is going on I the dirty little head of yours? I am enamoured with the way you put words and descriptions, and so much heat in your stories! I love them all. I am always buying latest or re reading your… Read more “Hot”

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heat, heat, heat

Definitely not for the faint of heart, FAIR GAME delivers a fast, steamy read. I enjoyed the romance as much as the erotic affair between the main characters who seem three dimensional and… Read more “heat, heat, heat”

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Kyle Perry was running late. He could have jogged the five miles across San Francisco from his home to the office faster than he’d been able to drive it. In fact, that’s often what he did when he was in town, except that today he had a morning meeting at the office, then a trip up to the Santa Rosa quarry in the early afternoon. Mondays were always a bitch. He was either catching a flight out, driving to a site, or prepping for endless meetings.

He made it into the garage elevator just before the doors closed on the cramped car and ducked around a delivery man to hit the button for the thirty-fifth floor. At lobby level, there was a mass exodus and an equal influx.

Kyle moved to the rear, allowing room for the crush of new arrivals. Backing into him, a young woman knocked his knee with her notebook PC case. She turned her head enough to apologize, and he got an impression of green eyes and pink lipstick. She dragged the computer case in front of her to avoid hitting him again.

In the pack of overheated bodies, she smelled damn good. Not perfumy, but fresh, like flowers or fruits, something natural and outdoorsy. Dark hair grazed the collar of her black suit jacket, curling softly. A tantalizing patch of nape peaked through. Some women were incredibly sensitive right there. A flick of the tongue, a light kiss, even a warm puff of breath could make them a little crazy.

Kyle loved women, he loved sex, and he enjoyed the occasional flight of harmless fancy about a complete stranger a man might see on the street. Or in an elevator. The top of her head was level with his nose, her scent tantalizing his mind as he drew in the sweetness. That sliver of skin just above her collar made him hard.

The car jolted to a stop a couple of floors up, throwing her off balance and right into him, his cock gliding along the base of her spine. He didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t breathe, waiting for her to jerk away.

Instead, she remained perfectly still. The crush in the elevator eased by two, but she didn’t add even an inch of distance between them.

He closed his eyes a long moment and dragged in a deep breath of her, filling himself with her sensual fragrance. He felt her shift slightly, her backside caressing him. Or was that only in his mind? Hell no, that was her ass cradling his balls, her body rubbing his cock. One, two, three times. It was no accident.

Kyle dared to lay two fingers on her hip, just at the waist of her slacks, his touch hidden from view by her jacket. Everyone watched the tick of floors going by, waiting for theirs to come up. No one noticed where he’d placed his hand.

Except her. When the car stopped once again, she was flush up against him. He could hear his heart beating in his ears, feel the heat of her body seeping through his fingertips straight to his chest.

And he scented her. Like a lion scenting his mate’s heat, something feminine and musky. He’d bet the world that her panties were damp beneath the staid black suit.

More floors, the press of her body increasing against him. Then he felt the unmistakable slide of her hand between them. He was hard as a pylon. She cupped him, fit his cock into her palm, held him, gave a gentle squeeze. His eyes drifted shut as he relished her touch, stroking him, taking full measure of him. He was ready to taste her, ready to take her, caught up in a fantasy of going to his knees and flicking his tongue between her legs. She would taste sweet, and her moans of pleasure would bring him to the brink. As she cried out in orgasm, he’d lift her up against the elevator wall, thrust inside her, high, deep, and come harder than he ever had before... The elevator stopped.

Her body heat faded. She didn’t even turn around to see exactly whose cock she’d touched. She merely exited the car and turned right down the hall. Disappearing as the doors closed, she left him alone with six other people who didn’t have a clue what she’d just done to him.

Turned his world upside down. Shattered his equilibrium. Damn, it was hot. He’d never see her again. Never know exactly what she looked like, just dark hair, green eyes, pink lipstick, black business suit; her fresh scent; and a hand that had the potential to take his cock to heaven.

As the elevator stopped yet again, Kyle realized he’d missed his floor. He had to laugh. A day that had gotten off to a bad start was suddenly looking up.

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