5 Kisses, TwoLips Reviews

Kyle Perry is on his way to his office and Josie Tybrook is on her way to a meeting with a new customer that she’s anxious to impress. They bump into each other – quite literally – in the elevator, and the crush of bodies gives them an excuse to rub up against each other. For two complete strangers, the unexpected encounter brightens their respective days.Of course, Josie quickly learns that her meeting is with none other than Kyle Perry, the man she just brazenly groped in the elevator. The meeting goes well, and he propositions her. She turns him down, not wanting to risk the bad stuff that comes with mixing business and pleasure.Kyle is persistent but not obnoxious about it. He gets her to masturbate for him in his car, she gets him to wear her thong to work the next day. She’s all about proving herself at work, and not letting herself be emotionally vulnerable. She likes to be in control, and letting Kyle take her past her comfort zone is both terrifying and exhilarating. Kyle is a temptation she just can’t resist. A battle of wills ensues, with shifting domination and control.When their professional relationship gets even more complicated, they’ll both have to decide just how much their personal relationship means to them.Jasmine Haynes does it again with her delicious erotic contemporary Fair Game. This is one terrific book, with deep passion and sizzling eroticism. The chemistry between Kyle and Josie is explosive and the lingerie dressing room scene is so hot, it should come with a fire extinguisher. I especially like how the author pushes the boundaries of what you normally find in mainstream romance, or even in most erotic romances.She always writes intelligent, likeable and multi-dimensional characters, and this book is no exception. Josie’s character has the potential to be a raging bitch, and there are times I have trouble relating to the choices she makes, but I love seeing how her character matures and grows as the story progresses. Kyle is patient and yummy. Fair Game is definitely a keeper.5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (light bondage, domination, anal play, exhibitionism)~LindyReviewer, TwoLips Reviews, LLC[…]