Fair Game

5 Kisses, TwoLips Reviews

Kyle Perry is on his way to his office and Josie Tybrook is on her way to a meeting with a new customer that she’s anxious to impress. They bump into each other – quite literally – in the elevator, and the crush of bodies gives them an excuse to rub up against each other….

Fair Game

Josie Tybrook is late for a meeting and furious because her boss has stood her up. Now she doesn’t have the materials to give to the clients like she should. One bright spot is the guy she just kind of met in the elevator. Thinking she will never see this man again, Josie does something…


What is going on I the dirty little head of yours? I am enamoured with the way you put words and descriptions, and so much heat in your stories! I love them all. I am always buying latest or re reading your books

Hot and Likeable

I was hooked on this book for the very beginning. The characters are likeable and the sex is hot, hot,hot!!!!The only slight misstep in my opinion is the “set up” in the bar with Kisa. Had it ended the way it was planned, that would have been cruel.However,in the end, everything worked out. I especially…


This was the first adult romance novel I (Erin) ever bought and it gave me new genres to look at while book shopping! It was fully of adult steam and intimacy games and left me wanting more! I have since then purchased several more of her books and she never disappoints!