Take Your Pick by Jasmine Haynes!

cover of Take Your Pick

I’m very excited to announce my Loose-Id e-book, Take Your Pick is out! Now, Take Your Pick is once again a step up on the naughtiness quotient from my Berkley Heat books, a very sexy, fun read. Here’s a short blurb.

Two very different yet enticing men…

one very big choice…

Grant Tyler is sophisticated, intelligent, controlled, and a highly successful CEO of a Fortune 500. He’s Rena Lancaster’s perfect match, same background, same career path, they speak each other’s language. In bed, he makes her see stars. But then there’s Karl Kristiansen. Every bit as virile, masculine and intelligent as Grant, he’s her contractor, earthy, hands work-roughened, body tough, and powerful. And he takes Rena’s senses by storm. When Grant decides he wants Rena exclusively, he forces a decision on her. And it’s Karl who comes up with the perfect test for choosing between them, make love with them both at the same time, and see who does the best job. When their sexual play becomes a true ménage, with Grant and Karl each trying to top the other, willing to do anything Reba asks, even touch each other, the three of them together are like spontaneous combustion. Now that she’s had a taste of the real thing, how can Rena choose between these two perfect men when they both give her different things she craves?

What prompted me to write this story? Of course, the fantasy element, wouldn’t it be nice to have two of everything!? But beyond that, I wanted to explore whether a woman could actually be in love with two men at once. What if you were dating two guys and simply could not choose between them because they were both so perfect in very different ways, giving you different things that you crave equally? How do you make that choice? And thus, the story was born. Be warned, there’s some MM activity in there, too! I’m getting very daring. Be sure to check out the excerpt on my website, but wear those oven mitts, because it’s explicit right from the get-go!

So, what do you think? Can you be in love with two men at once? Leave a comment and your contact e-mail address and I’ll enter you in the drawing for a copy of Kathrynn Dennis’s Shadow Rider. This wonderful book was nominated for in several contests. I’ll announce the winner on my next blog, and I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates if you aren’t already a member. Thanks to everyone for stopping by Bella Andre’s blog, and the winner of Michelle Willingham’s Taming Her Irish Warrior is Carol L! I’ll be sending you an email for your address, Carol.

Dead to the Max is finally available on Amazon Kindle with a fresh new cover look and a text revamp. In coming months, look for the rest of the series and I’ll be working on getting them all in print format, too! Take Your Pleasure is now on Kindle, too!


  1. Whooohoooo, just saw I was the winner of Michelle's Taming Her Irish Warrior. I have wanted to read this book. I'm thrilled. Thank you soooooo much. :)Carol L.

  2. I truly belie we could love two men at once. You'd have 2 different men offering you different things. 'd have no problem with it at all. lolThis book is going on my TRL.Carol L.

  3. Oh my God, Mel! TMI! But was it fun! You're so cute.

    Congrats, Carol. I was busy trying to finish my WIP yesterday and forgot to get that email out to you. Glad you saw! And you might just love Take Your Pick, LOL!

    That's perfect, Laurie, that I can make it sound believable!

  4. I've never been in love with two men but I can see how it would happen. A friend of mine and her bf broke up after 3 years and she started dating someone else. When her ex came back around she didn't know what to do.

  5. Hi, Jasmine–congrats on this new release! That sounds great! As for being in love with two men, I'm not sure… that would be hard to manage! I think it'd be difficult to develop such a deep connection with them both without feeling guilt as if I were cheating on one while with the other. Maybe I'm overthinking this! 😉

  6. Oh, Kimmy, from a writing perspective, your friend's story is a great idea!

    And thank you so much, Rosemary! I always need to make sure you love the story, then I know I dun good!

    And Fedora, you are not overthinking! The WIP whirling around in my mind is exactly that, a foursome (two married couples), where my heroine starts to have feelings for the other husband. And has all sorts of guilt about it! It's a fun idea to play with.

  7. Well, I've never been in love with two men at the same time, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. I don't know that you could love them the same way, but it might be fun to try.

  8. Yes, Linda, I think you've got it. If you loved two men, it probably be in different ways for different things.

    Oh, I agree with you, too, Kirsten, when you put it like that! We have the capacity to love more than one person/thing at a time.

    And thanks again, Rosemary!!!!

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