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Audiobook cover of Revenge by Jasmine Haynes

If you’re a fan of contemporary erotic romance, then get ready for a new erotic series by Jasmine Haynes.

A Passionate Plume Finalist!

Formerly published as Revenge Sex

A man, the hot wife he can’t control… and the woman who wants to fix what’s wrong with him.

Tough, autocratic CFO Clay Blackwell strikes both fear and loyalty into the hearts of his employees. But he’s got one quirk no one at high-tech Silicon Valley company West Coast Manufacturing knows: he loves the idea of his live-in girlfriend Ruby being with another man… then coming home to him for the best time of his life as she describes every naughty detail. He’s got only three stipulations: no coworkers, no other man in their own home, and she always has to tell him when she has a date. The problem? What to do with a “hot wife” who has all the freedom any woman could want, but still can’t follow three simple rules.

Jessica Murphy has the utmost respect and admiration for her alpha male CFO. She also has wild fantasies about Clay every night. Not that she’d ever tell anyone. Until she walks in on Clay’s girlfriend Ruby getting wild with Bradley the financial analyst right on Clay’s desk.

After that, all bets are off and a little revenge is the name of the game. Ruby thinks she’ll placate Clay by telling him he can be with another woman to pay her back for all her rule-breaking. When Jessica learns about that, she makes up her mind to seduce her sexy boss for keeps, not just one night of revenge.

But can she become the more-than-one-man woman Clay Blackwell wants? Or will his desires tear them apart?

Revenge is a contemporary erotic romance of approximately 39,000 words.

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What Readers Are Saying:

Different exciting and fun to read.

Well it takes a self centered “witch” to be the inspiration to a lowlife affair .She wants hurtful sex and doesn’t want to move on. So when she’d caught and found guilty she tries to lie her way out.But luckily the story doesn’t only have one lady in it but two and the gentle one… Read more “Different exciting and fun to read.”

Amazon Reviewer

Loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee it

This book is full of excitement, tension, and drama. Jasmine Haynes is by far the only person that can get me to read a book. I’m definitely continuing to read her books.… Read more “Loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee it”

Apple Books Reviewer

Simply Delicious!!!

Hotwifing/cuckholding erotica is one of these themes that if heavy-handed, can easily become a caricature or a stereotype. The topic is certainly hot and not for everyone: men who get off watching their women sexually involved with other men with whom the women may have or not emotional ties. To some couples, this is the… Read more “Simply Delicious!!!”

Amazon Reviewer

Sexy..Hot…A Love Story

I gave 5 fabulous stars because this was a great story. Ms Haynes is a great writer. This is my first book by her and it won’t be the last. What I enjoyed about this book was how the sexy lustful story became a love connection that Clay & Jessica had for three years but… Read more “Sexy..Hot…A Love Story”

Amazon Reviewer

Another great read

Enjoyed reading this book and reading about the characters and their story. Looking forward to reading more from this… Read more “Another great read”

Amazon Reviewer

Sooo hot!

All I can say is…wow. This book is H-O-T, I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happened to Clay and his very different yet hot sex life. Does he stay together with his girlfriend or do they go their separate ways after the rules of engagement are broken and what happens when… Read more “Sooo hot!”

Amazon Reviewer

Best erotic romance I’ve read in LONG time!!!

Great story AND sizzling sex!Revenge Sex was not just about the sex — this is pure erotica at its best. A story, with characters you care about, rich characters you route for as well as groan at when they make stupid decisions and assumptions. Sexuality drives the story, but it’s an unapologetic romance at its… Read more “Best erotic romance I’ve read in LONG time!!!”

Amazon Reviewer

Short, hot, interesting, JH knows how to write erotica.

The topic is hotwifing, I googled it, I still don’t know if its a real term and I am too shy to ask. Like swingers and swappers there are those that are turned on by being cuckolded. So much so, that it becomes an imperative to have the moment described and detailed which is even… Read more “Short, hot, interesting, JH knows how to write erotica.”

Amazon Reviewer

Very Good

Loved this book. Ruby and Clay are in a relationship, and Ruby screws up. I didn’t really like her, she seems to not really care about Clay. Jessica has fantasized about Clay for 3 years and when she finds out Ruby cheated on Clay? Will she get a chance to be with Clay? I liked… Read more “Very Good”

Amazon Reviewer

Sometimes sex isn’t what it seems

Clay’s live-in lover is allowed/expected to have sex with others. There are three rules for her to observe while having sex with other men: no sex with men from work, no sex with other men in her own home, and she has to tell Clay when she dates. In fact she is expected to tell… Read more “Sometimes sex isn’t what it seems”

Amazon Reviewer

Exceptional erotica delivered with an unconventional romance

Man, is this book hot. It’s full of kink and taboo, so deliciously twisted, just one scene better and hotter than the next. This is exceptional erotica, in every way that counts. Very well-written, never really letting the reader draw a good, deep breath, this story just takes you under with its full-on eroticism, all… Read more “Exceptional erotica delivered with an unconventional romance”

Amazon Reviewer