Looking for your next funny summer read?

Then look no more! Grab a copy of It Must Be Magic today! So what makes something funny? It can be slapstick, it can be circumstance, it can be characters. What I find funny are the characters we meet on our reading journey. And I’ve populated the little town of Hideaway Creek with people who make me laugh. Hideaway Creek is in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, close enough to get to the ocean and the Boardwalk in twenty minutes. There’s the redwood park and the train park and Hideaway Creek was once the home of a gangster hideaway where all the movie stars of the 1920’s came up from Hollywood to live on the wild side for a little while. (Of course this is the neck of the woods where I live!) And when you visit Hideaway Creek, drop by The Coffee Stain for a marvelous mocha by Manny. Or get your hair cut in the Mane Man. Or buy a gorgeous rose from Flowers by Nature where Lili Goodweather works.

And here’s a little about the tale… Everyone believes in carpe diem… don’t they?

For flower shop clerk Lili Goodweather, that’s what life is all about–savoring the precious moments and all the beauty the world has to offer. So it breaks her heart when 12-year-old Erika Rutland can no longer see the magic in everyday moments.

No, not everyone believes in carpe diem… or telepathic communication with animals.

A firm believer in all things practical, widower Tanner Rutland doesn’t want his daughter’s mind filled with Lili’s fanciful tales—especially her claims that she can communicate with cats. And worse, that his daughter’s cat Fluffy has witnessed a murder. When Lili asks him to help search for the dead body that just absolutely has to be out in the redwoods—she claims—he’s forced to confront whether Lili is just plain crazy or her gift with animals is real.

But after that first delicious kiss, he starts to think he’s the one who’s gone completely crazy. Because suddenly there’s something about Lili that Tanner just can’t resist.

Can this single-minded career man give up everything he believes for a little touch of magic?

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As you recall, Jennifer isn’t as naughty as Jasmine so don’t be looking for any naughtiness in the excerpt! Lili and Tanner do get naughty later on (within reason, of course, because this is Jennifer, not Jasmine!)

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