Heroines, do they have to grow older as we do?

Cover of Unlaced

Congratulations to Tami C, you are the winner of the two books by Pamela and Cherry! I think there has to be something said for psychic thoughts. You professed a huge desire for the books, Tami, and lo and behold, you won. Just to tell everyone how I pick the winners, I write everyone’s name on a bit of paper, fold them up, then toss all the papers in the air and pick one out of the pile when they all land. So, see, there must have been something psychic going on!

Cover of Unlaced

This week I’ve got a very special duo of books, autographed copies by Teresa Medeiros, One Night of Scandal and Yours Until Dawn. At the last RWA conference, she was kind enough to sign both for me. I absolutely adore her books. You know the drill, post a comment, you must type in your email address, and I’ll enter you in the drawing for the two books. I’ll announce the winner next week! I’ve just come off writing The Fortune Hunter trilogy where all my heroines were around 30. I did love writing them all, I enjoyed getting into their heads, and there was a lot of me in them from when I was a working as an accountant in a corporate environment. I sort of relived many of the challenges I faced back then. But now I’m really looking forward to exploring the lives and psyches of some older heroines, mid-thirties to mid-forties. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I’m older (not going to tell you how much older!) so I have a harder time relating to a thirty-year-old. In my story in Unlaced, the anthology I’ve got coming out in December with Jaci Burton, Joey Hill and Denise Rossetti, I wrote a May-December romance. Margo is in her mid-forties and Dirk is 12 years younger. You know, women don’t stop enjoying sex just because they turn 40. In fact, maybe they even start enjoying it more! And wow, wouldn’t I love having my own Dirk! Except of course, I’ve got my very own Viking God. Aside from how hot I found Dirk, one of the reasons I like writing older heroines is for that very purpose, to show that older women can be just as desirable, seductive, and sensual. Sexual life doesn’t end after the big 4-0! So what are some of your favorite fantasies? May-December? Couples with a history, finding each other again after years apart (that’s Jaci’s story in the anthology)? Best friends falling in love?

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  1. Jasmine, I remember seeing something not too long ago (wish I could remember where), about the attraction of older women to younger men. It was noted that older women are far more confident in their sexuality, and thereby extra appealing to younger men who, let’s face it, usually don’t have problems asserting a need for sex (laughter).

    And I agree with that assessment. I love being 40 – I’m probably more relaxed and accepting of who I am and what I want sexually than I have been during any other decade. May not like the wrinkles, and some of the creaks when I get out of bed in the morning, but those are okay trade offs for personal contentment.

    Now, as far as my favorite fantasy: My contribution to the Unlaced anthology, Controlled Response, developed from one I’ve had for a long time. The fantasy of being a high powered executive woman, coming into a board room with 4-5 gorgeous, commanding men, and being swept off my feet and ravished. I articulated it in the anthology, Behind the Mask (the story was Board Resolution), but since 5 men were involved, it gave the opportunity for each of the men to have their own story, and their own unique heroine. So, in Controlled Response, there is of course one particular man that my heroine is drawn to – he just uses the other males to help win her over. So it satisfies both levels of the fantasies I think most women have about any type of encounter – an intense emotional connection that ratchets up the physical component (wink).

    And of course it’s definitely a fantasy – I’m about as far away from high powered business woman as lost princess of a fairy kingdom. But that’s okay – fantasy is usually better than reality because you can be anything you want (grin).

  2. I’m not picky as long as the story is good and the characters have chemistry.Oh, not long ago I read a book with voyeurism that was very good! I can’t remember the author or title right now. *banging head*

  3. Ooh, I loved Menage, quiltingreader! And since you loved it, you should give Daniel’s Surrender by Violet Summers a try. Whew! Hot!

    I love all Teresa’s books, Estella, and have read both of these. Good luck!

    Joey, thanks so much for stopping by. What you pointed out about younger men being attracted by the confidence in older women is exactly what Dirk feels in my Unlaced story. So I didn’t make it up! The high-powered executive woman being swept off her feet is a very hot fantasy. Not that I was ever high-powered or an exec, just a lowly accounting manager. But I do know everyone is going to love Controlled Response. That’s the best thing about being a writer, we don’t actually have to experience all our fantasies to enjoy them because we can write them out!

    LOL, Susan, um voyeurism, hmm, that couldn’t be, oh wait, no, couldn’t be Show and Tell, could it!

    I love stories about couples with a history also, Virginia. And you’re going to love Jaci’s story in Unlaced.

  4. My favorite types are the ones where the hero and heroine have some history or are best friends who eventually fall in love. Those kinds of things just draw me into a story.The book sounds fantastic and I love the authors in it.

  5. Ooh, I do enjoy the ménage as well and agree about Daniel’s Surrender…ohmyGOD, do I agree!

    I like all the scenarios you suggested…May-December story lines are always interesting and voyeurism is just plain sexy [Jennifer: would you agree that Show and Tell includes both of these fantasies?]…and Controlled Response sounds wicked hot, Joey!

    Can’t wait to read all of the stories in Unlaced.

  6. Yes, Karin, I love the stories where the characters have history. And I love the best friends suddenly seeing each other theme. I really think that can happen, like a lightbulb suddenly going on and you see that person in a completely different light. It makes for lots of fun angst before the happy ending.

    Rita, I knew you’d agree with me on Daniel’s Surrender! It was so emotionally intense. Show and tell is definitely voyeurism, but gosh, I forgot about the May-December thing. Scott is 15 years older than Trinity! See, I like the older man younger woman thing, too.

    And I hope you’ll all enjoy Unlaced. I feel we’ve put together some very entertaining stories for everyone.

  7. First off THANK YOU for picking me!!!! I have lots of fantasies!! I want to have two guys at once, but my bf is not going for that. He says that no other guy is going to get me, that he will just do both lol! In books I love everything it doesn’t matter to me, a bit of a past is good though.

  8. I must be a romance slut because I like just about any scenario as long as the story and characters are ones I can care about. I enjoy love at first sight, friends becoming lovers, hatred changing to love, convenience marriages, reunited lovers, etc., etc. 🙂

  9. Naughy Tami, two guys at once! For my upcoming series, the Courtesans books, (the first of which is now called “Yours for the Night”), at least one of my heroines will have two at once. But then again, isn’t it kind of nice to know your guy doesn’t want to share you?

    Ooh, Teresa, a waterfall. I hadn’t thought of that one, but that would be very romantic and sexy.

    I was hoping you meant Show and Tell, Susan. Thank you!

    I love the love at first sight, too, Cheri. But halfway through the book I always wonder if readers will buy into these two people just falling in love. however, you’ve pointed something out to me. Love at first sight is the ultimate fantasy. What woman wouldn’t want the man of her dreams to take one look at her and fall in love.

  10. I love second chances stories. One of the reasons I LOVED “Show and Tell” was that Trinity had “given up” on love. I love how you developed her character and gave her more openness with the hero at the end.
    My favorite fantasy is the rekindling romance. I love stories (usually in a subplot) of a married couple who has lost their “spark” and does everything they can to reclaim it.
    Frankly, I’ve been with older men, younger men and finally, a man near my age. I like the last and I just turned forty but it’s better than ever.

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