Dark Garden in San Francisco, Corsetry and Couture!

dark garden

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My writer friends and I had a fabulous time last week on our field trip to Dark Garden Corsetry and Couture, in San Francisco! Dark Garden specializes in corsets and foundation garments, and their apparel is absolutely gorgeous. The shop is inviting, filled with frilly undergarments, fancy hats, pretty jewelry, and of course, the corsets.

In the backroom, ladies are hard at work making the custom corsets. The materials are beautiful, satin in dazzling patterns and much, much more. Upstairs there are a variety of costumes, wedding dresses, many of the outfits to be worn at the Edwardian Ball. It’s a very cozy atmosphere, and when we were there, our fitters were attentive and knowledgeable. They gave us all the time we needed. Bella, Shelley, and I tried on the corsets, while Jackie took all the pictures (Jackie already has her stunning corset). Sadly, Jenny was ill and couldn’t make the trip with us. Next time, Jenny! And thanks for being photographer, Jackie!

Jasmine in a corset

I thought the corsets would be uncomfortable, and I have to admit that they took a bit of getting used to. But after wearing the garment for a little bit, my body adjusted, and I actually liked the tight feeling. The corset makes you stand taller and sit straighter. And yes, you can breathe!

The first one I tried on was a cincher. See how it makes me hold my back straighter while I perch on the edge of the sofa. I don’t think I look uncomfortable, do I?


Here’s a sample of a corselette. Though it’s a very sexy garment, I wasn’t as fond of the feel of the corselette. It sort of poked me in the wrong places, if you get my meaning. But I’m sure for some it’s the perfect thing.

sweetheart corset

Now here’s my favorite. The Signature Sweetheart corset. http://www.darkgarden.com/products/sweetheart. I liked this one the best, especially in the red. As you can see, the corset really gives the figure a nice shape and accentuates the assets.

Here’s a Sweetheart and an underbust corset. Don’t they look fabulous!

women in corsets
laughing wearing a sweetheart corset, parasol and tophat

Then we just started having fun with the photos and props! Anneka is the boutique manager and Sophia was our expert fitter. The ladies gave us their 100% attention, with at least an hour’s worth of fittings. Sophia helped us take the photos, too, dressing me up with beautiful red beads, hat, the parasol. Yes, I was hamming it up!

And here’s a photo of the four of us in gorgeous hats.

4 women wearing fancy hats

So now I just have to convince my husband that he really wants to buy me a corset for Christmas! I’d love to have a Sweetheart in red poplin with a black lace overlay.

If you’re in San Francisco, be sure to stop by Dark Garden, http://www.darkgarden.com/. They’ll treat you so well! And pop over to http://magnificentdevices.wordpress.com/ with Shelley Adina to hear more about the field trip!

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