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I’d like to welcome my good friend Nikki Prince with her new release, Mocha Kisses. This is her first release. She gave me a sneak preview of it, and I must say it’s absolutely wonderful. I’ll let Nikki tell you all about it and give you a sexy excerpt!

Hello Jasmine thank you for having me on your fantastic blog again.

Mocha Kisses came about as a challenge to myself. I saw the call for submission in an email and I was like I need to see if I can write a short story. All the times I’ve been writing since I was a kid I tried writing a short story and I’ve always had too much going on in the story for it to be short. So my challenge to myself was to try and get a story to at least 4k and have it flow and not be so full of stuff that it needed to be longer.

So I sat there looking at the submission call and it spoke about the story needing to be around memoirs, coffee, a cafe and/or mocha. So I thought long and hard and the characters were born. I have a true love for cougar romances as I can speak from experience on it. My husband happens to be 11 years younger than I am. So what I did was basically put my love for younger men, and chocolate together and Mocha Kisses was born. 🙂

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Mocha Kisses

Copyright Nikki Prince


A shadow fell across the book Meredith was reading as she sat at the well-lit café table. She frowned, but soon smiled when she looked up to see her friend and fellow chocoholic, Ronan. The product of an Irish mother and a Greek father, Ronan was very easy on the eyes and the amazing thing about him was that he wasn’t the typical arrogant pretty boy. He was, in fact, a computer genius. A geek that made her panties wet just thinking about him.

Shit! Stop it Meredith he’s too damn young!

Meredith jumped up and was immediately enveloped in his strong arms. She uttered a soft sound of pleasure as he pulled her in closely. She loved how his arms felt around her and she lingered in his embrace a bit even after she felt his arms relax. He eased back from her with a smile. Gazing up at his ruggedly handsome face—youthful face—Meredith reminded herself that Ronan was ten years younger than her. He pressed his lips to each of her cheeks in turn, pulling back so fast that she didn’t have time to wonder whether it would spoil their friendship if she turned her head so their lips met. But she wanted to. Oh, god how she wanted to. Settling in her seat, she watched as he took the empty chair across from her.

“It’s good to see you.” He was so sexy in his glasses, dress shirt with red tie and black dress slacks—ever the computer programmer. She adored his smarts.

“It’s been too long, beautiful. I’m sorry I missed meeting you last month. Some things came up and I couldn’t get away.”

They’d met by accident. She’d signed up for a book club that was supposed to meet at the café and he’d signed up to meet others that same night, but for a different book club discussion. Thinking they were both from the same club, they’d sat at the same table. When it became apparent they were the only ones showing up for their respective meetings, they’d decided to continue to meet monthly. It just seemed a natural progression, with their mutual love for books, to continue meeting. Hell, it didn’t hurt he’d been good to look at. She’d be lying if that hadn’t been part of her attraction in staying.

She grinned and couldn’t help teasing him. “Did that have anything to do with that shapely redhead you were with when we met?”

He chuckled, “Jennifer and I are no longer seeing each other and haven’t been for quite a while, so, no. I had a few other matters that I had to take care of.” She knew she appeared surprised, but to learn that he was free was both exciting and worrisome. Exciting because, let’s face it, Jennifer had been a bitch of the first order. Worrisome because Ronan only saw Meredith as an older friend, so her attraction to him was going to go unrequited, and she’d have to watch him with some other female. At twenty-five, he was already a successful entrepreneur and had so much going for him. “Ah well, I’m sorry about that, Ronan.” Yikes. She hoped she hadn’t hit a sore spot. Her next thought was about the pact they’d made. It had been a joke of sorts; to be honest, she’d thought he’d been joking, but she hadn’t been.

“Don’t be. Things happen for a reason.” He gave her one of those charming smiles and she couldn’t help but smile back. His words made her feel better.

“Well, as long as you’re not heartbroken….”

“It allows me to pursue another avenue.” She knew her mouth fell open and she had to force herself to close it.

“Allows you to pursue another avenue?”

He grinned, “Yes, another avenue. I have someone else in my sights.”

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  1. Casea–thank you so very much!
    Maria– thank you so much for buying it,I do hope you tell me what you think of it.
    D'Ann– lol girl I am with you on the younger men…!
    Daryl–thanks chica!!
    Louisa–I really can't wait to see what you think!

  2. Brenda–thank you for coming rock totally!
    Sheri— chica, thanks as always
    Mackenzie–It felt so good to be able to achieve this goal with these characters 🙂
    Gary–Thank you! Ronan is definitely on the right track.
    Ella– thank you…it gets hotter
    Karen–ty I hope you like it!
    Melissa— thank you chica for always, always supporting me.

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