Castle Inc


I loved this read, it was a fantastic, scintillating story of falling in love. So hot I read some of the book with my significant other.

So Good

I really enjoyed this book, and did stay on edge. Connor suggests to Faith, he’ll give her kids, but wants to run her Father’s business. They come to an agreement, even a contract with her Father. But once married, who is trying to cause problems between them? She can’t believe Connor would cheat. He really…

A Good Read!

While The Fortune Hunter is not a perfect book, it’s still a pretty good one. For one thing, the romance is burning hot but never crosses the line into ick territory. The author maintains focus on the appealing main couple while introducing other interesting characters (Trinity and Josie) that will undoubtedly appear in future books….

Wowzers! Great story!

This was an all-around, really enjoyable story. The author didn’t waste any time getting into the story. You’ll think you know the entire focus immediately. Of course, you never know when something might jump out at you even after you think you know the whole plot. It’s full of great characters, and they reflect much…

Connor & Faith

I loved Connor and Faith’s story. There was so much soul searching on her part about people thinking that her daddy was buying her a husband. In the beginning that may be how it was but both Faith and Connor over came the obstacles set in their path.She was a strong woman and he was…


Fantastic Read! There’s times you’ll want to punch Connor,then there’s times when you’ll swoon! Yes the sex is probably a bit much for the faint at heart. If only if there was a real man out there, who would make you cream your pants, by mere mention of his name! After reading this book, you’ll…


This book started out as a marriage of convenience, but had a lot of twists which made it very interesting.It kept you guessing until the end.I would recommend it& look forward to the next book.

Really Great Read

I really enjoyed this book. Faith and Connor seemed to be both well written and fleshed out characters with understandable hang ups. Their misunderstandings weren’t trite or contrived and it was such a pleasure to read about two realistic people in unrealistic circumstances. The other characters in the books seemed so much more unbelievable but…