The Fortune Hunter-A Joyfully Recommended Title!!

Faith Castle can have anything money can buy. Her father is rich anddotes on her. She works as a school teacher, not because she has tobut because she loves children. Almost thirty, Faith despairs of everobtaining her life long dream – having a child of her own. While somewomen are modern enough to go the single mother route, Faith is notone of them. She needs a husband first and then a child. The problemwith her dream is that she is not dating anyone who is good fathermaterial and her biological clock is ticking. When she sees ConnorKingston at a social gathering not only does her clock continue totick, but it seems like her heart will beat out of her chest.Connor Kingston is escorting a friend to a party when he sees hisquarry. She is like a lush golden goddess and Connor wants to makeher his. He has thought long and hard about what he wants and hewants to be the CEO of a big name company. If he has to marry to dothat, then that is something he will do. When he is introduced toFaith Castle, Connor has no doubts that this is his woman. Now all hehas to do is convince her of his plan and hopefully she will see thatthey both can benefit from a marriage not based on love, but based ona contract that benefits the both of them.Faith thinks Connor is crazy to even suggest to her what he does.However, after she thinks about it, she realizes that it might not besuch a bad idea after. She has one stipulation – fidelity, and Connorhas one as well – control of her in the bedroom. Connor assures herthat he will keep his end of the bargain and he desires Faith to agreeto his as well.A friend of mine suggested I read The Fortune Hunter as I had notheard of this book. I got a copy, looked at the blurb, and thoughtthat there was no way I would like story. I thought Connor tooblatant and unfeeling in the blurb and Faith’s character seemed a bitfragile. Imagine my surprise and complete joy when I discovered thatI was wrong. And I was SO wrong. Yes, Connor wanted control of Faithin the bedroom with no questions asked. Yes, Connor wanted to be CEOof a company and Faith was his means to an end. But in his achievinghis goal, he realized that he found so much more than he thought hewanted and he never once lied to Faith. Not one time did he give her afalsehood and for that reason alone, I fell in love with ConnorKingston. His ability to bring out the best in Faith, while fallingin love with her, was uncanny in its realism. Faith was an open bookto me and I could undeniably relate to her. She was self consciousabout her looks, which Connor found utterly enchanting. Her confidencein Connor was unconditional and while I worried about her giving hertrust to him as soon as she did, he proved to me and to Faith that hewas an outstanding choice.If you have not read The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes, might Isuggest running as quickly as possible to the nearest bookstore andobtaining it? Ms. Haynes has a new fan, one who wholeheartedlywithout a doubt Joyfully Recommends The Fortune Hunter!TaliaReviewed for Joyfully Reviewed