A Good Read!

While The Fortune Hunter is not a perfect book, it’s still a pretty good one. For one thing, the romance is burning hot but never crosses the line into ick territory. The author maintains focus on the appealing main couple while introducing other interesting characters (Trinity and Josie) that will undoubtedly appear in future books. This is hard to do well–too often the other characters 1)are annoying or 2)steal the show. Haynes avoids both romance series pitfalls. One thing that kept this book from five stars was Connor. I always felt distanced from him, like he could have been more fully fleshed out. Faith, on the other hand, is a great character: a super-rich, kindly, and insecure K5 teacher who doesn’t make her bed, has weekly facials and massages, and longs for a baby. I can’t wait to read Trinity’s book next!