Sun and Fun in Palm Springs!

sunset with a lot of red and yellow

I’m in Palm Springs for a week of sun and fun with my sister! This is our annual girls trip. Boy, was it hot today! We did the flea market at the College of the Desert, then visited my sister’s new condo! Woohoo, a condo! Not that we haven’t loved staying at her timeshare down, but the condo means we can come more than once a year and pick different times of the year. Not summer, though. After mid-May, it’s pretty unbearable for me. Hubby and I came down for my birthday one year, and it was so hot that we couldn’t leave the air conditioning after about noon. We visited the mall and when we got back to the car (which was out in the sun), I couldn’t even touch the door handle with my bare hand!

Here’s a few pics of the gorgeous sunsets down here!

Last Night

sunset with a lot of red and yellow


pale sunset with bright white rays

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