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Cover of The Naughty Corner
Cover of The Naughty Corner

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Somebody’s been a bad girl…

Writer Lola Cook is on a deadline. Meeting it gets twice as difficult when she finds herself in the unwelcome role of babysitter for her nephews. Six weeks with the twin teenage terrors is too much for Lola—until she has a brilliant idea: send the boys to football camp. That’ll at least get them out of her hair for five hours every day. Perfect.

Divorced father Gray Barnett has coached summer football camp long enough to know he’ll get saddled with misfits, but William and Harry exceed all expectations. They’re impossible, they’re disruptive, and when he meets their hot aunt Lola, they’re worth the trouble. That is, if Lola accepts Gray’s conditions. Every time the twins misbehave, it’s Lola who must take their punishment. With every naughty infraction, Lola gets more and more accepting—of the penalties. She has no idea just how bad a girl she can be—or how much fun it will be to get what she deserves.

The Naughty Corner

Copyright 2013 Jasmine Haynes

“Are you done yet?” his voice boomed.

Lola smiled, shoved her bra in her bag, and just before opening the door, slipped off her panties, too. Let’s see what he did with that.

He stood at the end of the hall in the entryway, his face a stern mask. Obviously he’d decided to play the hard-ass this time. At the last moment, he stepped aside and pointed into the living room. “Give me your purse and go to your naughty corner.”

A thrill swept through her. People wanted illusion. They wanted something bigger and better, something new and exciting, something that made them feel special.

Gray made her feel all those things. And he made her wet.

She handed him her bag without the least compunction. He laid it next to his keys on a table to one side of the door. If her phone rang, she should be able to hear it even from inside her purse.

“I said,” he snapped, his face tense, eyes narrowed, “go to your corner.”

The chair faced the corner like before, but this time he’d set a long, standing mirror in front of it. This was new. She glanced back at him.

“I like to watch,” he said. “You’re going to give me a show.”

She was completely breathless, but she opened her mouth to speak.

He put his fingers to her lips. “Not a word. Just do what I say.”

Then she saw the table beside the chair and her heart started to race.


Her eyes widened. His pulse kicked up in response. He’d set out a smorgasbord of toys: a ball gag, blindfold, scarves for tying, a vibrator, a butt plug. Some of them would terrify her. Some would excite her. He’d already decided which implement he would use. And exactly what he was going to do with it.

Instead of making her sit, he took the chair. “Get on my lap, your back to my chest.”

She glanced at the mirror warily.

“Now,” he reiterated, adding force to his voice.

She straddled him, sitting straight and stiff. Her ponytail swished across his face. “Take your hair down,” he ordered. “You are always to wear your hair down around me.” Though the nape of her neck called to him, he resisted as her silky hair tumbled down over her shoulders. He had a plan for her. And it wasn’t his capitulation. True, after their last punishment session, he’d told himself he’d have his cock in her mouth the next time, but he’d changed his mind. He wanted to hold out a bit longer, to savor the build of his sexual tension.

She’d asked why he liked to punish and spank, why he was kinky. He didn’t know why. Or perhaps it was more truthful to say he’d had a couple of experiences that might have led him here, but he couldn’t be totally sure. He rather thought he had a predilection for it. Like a prodigy simply knows how to play a piano or a novelist begins making up his stories almost from the moment he learns the alphabet.

All he knew was that when he had her in his power, when she did whatever he told her to, his cock began to throb and some inner need took over.

It was taking over now. “Spread your legs and lift your skirt for the mirror.”

She hesitated. “There isn’t some hidden camera behind there or anything, right?”

“If I’m going to film you, I will tell you. Nothing is secret between us.” He laid his hands along her thighs in an attempt to soothe her.

While it might appear that he held the power, all she had to do was say no. All she had to do was walk away. He could never force her. He could only demand, but in the end, she was the one who had to agree. She had to want this.

His tension released when she leaned back against him, parting her legs, resting her thighs along his. He held her at the waist. Then slowly, so very slowly, she began to tug on the skirt.

Over her shoulder, he stared full into the mirror. She’d braced the toes of her sandals on the floor, his jeans-clad knees between hers. He widened his legs slightly, forcing hers farther apart. She was all dark and light in the mirror, creamy white skin, black hair, black skirt, white sweater. The effect was mesmerizing as she raised her skirt for him. A little more, then more.

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