Invitation to Passion (Open Invitation, Book 3)

Cover of Invitation to Passion by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jasmine Haynes - Open Invitation, Book III

Here’s your invitation to The Sex Club, elegant, classy, sexy, every woman’s fantasy, every man’s desire…

Fortysomething Stacy Parrish surrounds herself with virile young men; she adores their stamina and enjoys tutoring them in the erotic arts. And they help her forget the next birthday. The last thing she wants is a monogamous relationship. But when Judson McCord, owner of The Sex Club, issues a sexual challenge, Stacy can’t resist taking him up on it.

In a battle of wills, the stakes are upped each time they’re together, the passion and pleasure between them increasing tenfold. With desire and a passion she can’t resist, Jud determines to show her how truly beautiful, amazing and ageless she is.

But can he provide the ultimate pleasure that will make Stacy exclusively his? Or will her quest for ever greater sexual thrills cost Stacy the love of the man standing right in front of her?

Holt Medallion winner!

“Man, turn on the extinguisher cause you are going to need it to cool yourself off.” Fallen Angel Reviews

“The stories in OPEN INVITATION aren’t about erotic thrill-seekers at a sex club, but about personal sexuality and the emotions needed to find true passion.” Romance Reviews Today Erotic

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I just finished the “Invitation” series and just WOW! They’re so HOTT and yet romantic! My favorite was definitely the 3rd! Invitation to Passion! But the while series is worth the read! Loved… Read more “WOW”

Amazon Reviewer

Total Obsession

I love Virginia and Brett! I didn’t think I would like how they evolve but I couldn’t put this book down and ended up reading it twice in a week. I wish I could find someone as giving as Brett in all areas of life. Great character. Great scenarios. loved this… Read more “Total Obsession”

Amazon Reviewer

Stacy !!!!

You will love Stacy ‘s story. She & Jud are hot for each other. I have read all 3 of the Invitation books. You will want to go find your own sex club & find your naughty self… Read more “Stacy !!!!”

Amazon Reviewer

Stacy and Jud heat up The Sex Club and the pages!

Stacy attends The Sex Club to feed her sexual appetite and chats with Jud, the owner. Jud, however, decides to issue a challenge to Stacy. He wants her exclusively, but she is resistant as she thinks in order for sex to be exciting she needs a variety of partners. Jud challenges her to the best… Read more “Stacy and Jud heat up The Sex Club and the pages!”

Amazon Reviewer


If you have read any of Jasmines books, then you know how steamy they can get. Like holy crap!!If you haven’t read any if her books, I suggest you start now.They get hot, then hotter. Then scorching. Oh heck, why am I still typing? I’ve gotta go buy another one! Hopefully after my heart rate… Read more “wowwwwwwww”

Amazon Reviewer

Oh Wow !!

Okay so book 3 was just as good as # 1 and 2. Loved the characters and the storyline. The erotic scenes were amazing, this series got me never wanting it to end. And talk about getting me getting hot ? (WOW) !!! These were panty soakers, LOL… Read more “Oh Wow !!”

Amazon Reviewer

Thanks for taking me away thru your writings.

This set gave me ideas for keeping the passion awake in my marriage. I suggest these reads to any ladies who love to tease their husbands by reading to them. Create your own fantasies together and… Read more “Thanks for taking me away thru your writings.”

Amazon Reviewer


this is a great book. it keeps you interested and it is a whole unique concept. i really enjoyed this… Read more “amazing”

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Hot Hot HOT!

I loved all three of these books equally! Nice plot variation on one theme. The sex scenes are quite detailed and wonderfully erotic with lots of… Read more “Hot Hot HOT!”

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Really loved the hero in this book

I really loved reading this book. He was a good guy and I liked the story. The whole series… Read more “Really loved the hero in this book”

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This excerpt contains sexual material

Invitation to Passion
Open Invitation, Book 3
© 2012 Jasmine Haynes

Serena was all delicious, hot woman. She loved performing. Judson McCord was equally entranced with watching her.

Some people came to his club for the titillation, never actually participating. Some needed much more. Jud subscribed to the belief that desires suppressed could become needs that burst out of control, causing great damage to others. So, he provided an exclusive, private resort to safely act out those needs, clean, no drugs, no fighting, no divulging of personal information, no stalking. He watched his facility like a hawk, and if a guest disobeyed the rules, they were out, for good.

Serena came to the club to watch and be watched. The last three times she’d ventured upstairs, Jud had been her voyeur. Once she’d been alone, once with a single partner, and then tonight.

She disposed of her cohorts in pleasure with a few gracious words. He revered her confidence, her belief in her own beauty and power. He admired the pure grace of her feminine lines as she lolled in front of the mirror. She was a woman who had come into her own, an Amazon, a true woman of the new millennium. And he wanted her. Badly. Not merely Serena, the fantasy on the other side of a mirror, but the real woman. Stacy Parrish.

She was aware he knew her real name. He’d learned it when she first started coming to his club almost upon its grand opening two years ago. At the time, though he found her attractive, he’d already decided he wouldn’t indulge with guests. One didn’t abuse the client-proprietor relationship, and when the need arose, he took his pleasures elsewhere.

But that didn’t mean Jud avoided Stacy’s company. Though she was often frankly admiring of him, she didn’t flirt. She talked to him without pretense, her open smile more captivating than the seductive mien with which she graced other men.

She had a habit of lingering at the club after a tryst, observing, theorizing about what made people tick. Many times she shared her studies with him. The more she revealed about what she saw in others, the more he learned about her. She enjoyed life to the fullest, savoring great big bites. She was ballsy, smart, confident, droll, and perceptive, with a streak of caring and loyalty. If someone she cared about was in need, she dropped everything to help.

He considered himself lucky to be counted among her friends.

She had more facets than a diamond and shone brighter than a cache of jewels. He dreamed of burying his fingers in her hair, its red tones softened by streaks of blond, as it curled about her ears and nape. Her body was another treasure: long, firm legs and taut, voluptuous breasts, while her face was the equal of a Greek goddess. But she was so much more than her outer casing. Somewhere in the two years he’d enjoyed her company, his casual attraction had turned to desire. A few weeks ago, he’d treated himself to a little harmless voyeurism. And damn if his desire for her hadn’t turned to a bit of an obsession. Now he was considering breaking his own rule not to mix business with pleasure. Hell, after tonight, he wasn’t considering it. He’d already decided. He wanted her, and he was going have her.

Jud had experienced all manner of pleasures. In his younger, wilder days, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t try as long as it held the slightest appeal. But a purely physical connection was like a drug. You got high, you came down, you walked away. He wasn’t going to walk away from Stacy Parrish after a few nights. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to share her. All that was left was to let her know that.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself, sweetheart,” he whispered. Tonight was her last fling with anyone other than him for a long time to come.

There was no better time to put his plan into effect than tonight, when she came downstairs for her usual tête-à-tête. In her quest to live life to its fullest, Stacy chose muscle-bound youngsters who would fawn over her, her high more about their adulation than about her own pleasure. Brief encounters were like skimming the cream off the top of the milk. You savored the sweetness, but you never got to relish the long, deep swallow. Your cup always needed to be refilled.

It was time he showed her what she’d been missing.

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