Stacy and Jud heat up The Sex Club and the pages!

Stacy attends The Sex Club to feed her sexual appetite and chats with Jud, the owner. Jud, however, decides to issue a challenge to Stacy. He wants her exclusively, but she is resistant as she thinks in order for sex to be exciting she needs a variety of partners. Jud challenges her to the best orgasms, and she takes him up on it. Wow! Jud is creative, and each challenge exceeds the last. This is as erotic as it is romantic. Jud has eyes for no one but Stacy. Stacy is not an easy one to catch, and that’s what makes this such a fun, absorbing, hot read.Jud is definitely one my favorite book boyfriends! This is my favorite of this terrific series. It can be read as a standalone.