Drop Dead Gorgeous: Mystery of Love No. 1

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Madison O’Donnell knows she’s going to die when she turns twenty-eight. She’s got two weeks to live and she’s going to make the most of it by falling in love. That’s when her boss decides that if she’s going to pack a lifetime of passion into those two weeks, he’s the man for the job…

She’s kooky, she’s drop dead gorgeous, and she’s never been in love.

More than anything in the whole wide world, Madison wants to fall in love before she dies. And she’s convinced that fateful event might take place before her next birthday. So when she gets a wrong number from a stranger who sounds totally delicious, she knows it’s providence knocking on her door.

He’s older, he’s bald, and he’s an accountant. How’s he supposed to compete with Delicious?

She’s not just his secretary. No, to T. Laurence Hobbs, Madison is…more. And more than anything, T. Larry needs to protect Madison…from herself. So when she gets the kooky idea that the anonymous man on the other end of a wrong number could be The One, there’s only one way to save Madison. T. Larry must put all his skills to proving The One she’s desperately looking for…is him.

Oh, and he probably needs to convince her she’s not going to die before her next birthday, too.

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What Readers Are Saying:

Loved It!

I love Jennifer Skully’s witty, sexy, comical stories. By adding a hint of suspense and entrigue to the love story, she keeps you up half the night reading. Her characters are relateable, real, and quite interesting! I have read all of her books and wish she would publish a few… Read more “Loved It!”

Amazon Reviewer

T. Larry and Madison

Madison is a fun-loving young woman who believes she’ll die young. She sees only the good in people, which leaves her open to trouble. Her boss lives by his plans but is attracted her. The trouble that ensues makes for a fun trip, with humor and intrigue along the way. Highly… Read more “T. Larry and Madison”

Amazon Reviewer


If you’re looking for an adorable, fast read than this is the book for you. Loved the main characters especially Madison.. very “out there”. I have to admit it was predictable at the end but I liked it so much I didn’t mind. I have read 4 of Jennifer Skully’s books and this is one… Read more “Adorable!”

Amazon Reviewer

Had to read this book twice

Drop Dead Gorgeous is simply that. Drop dead gorgeous. I loved the book. Madison’s free-spirited and optimistic view of the world really just endears herself to the reader. And of course, T. Lawrence (I never thought I would say this but that’s such a sexy name!), is the perfect foil to her character. He is… Read more “Had to read this book twice”

Amazon Reviewer

Very enjoyable

First time reading this book and I must say I really enjoyed it. Fast paced with plenty of humour, mystery, love…Must check out more books by this… Read more “Very enjoyable”

Amazon Reviewer

Funny and hot…

Even with the other great reviews on the book, I was a little skeptical because it seemed too long at 370+ pages. However, the book is so well written, the characters so fun, it was a fast read. The lead characters are quirky, lovable, and sexy. The dialog was great, the minor characters were well… Read more “Funny and hot…”

Amazon Reviewer

Great Book!

I loved this book! It was a great love story. And there was also a scary mystery to it. The characters were wonderful. TLarry and Madison, well, who wouldn’t love them? All the characters were fleshed out. There wasn’t a boring page in the book. Get the book. I think you’ll love it,… Read more “Great Book!”

Amazon Reviewer

Great read!

This book started slow but picked up after the first few chapters. Once I got used to the writing style, I didn’t want to put the book down. I loved the story and the way T. Larry and Madison’s relationship developed. This was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed… Read more “Great read!”

Amazon Reviewer


I really loved this book! It is so witty, unique and funny! As I was reading it I was so amused at how cleverly Jennifer slipped in such funny bits and pieces of dialogue. I would read a sentence and it would tickle my funny bone and I would have to go back and re-read… Read more “A DELIGHTFUL BOOK!!!!”

Amazon Reviewer


Drop Dead Gorgeous
© 2017 Jennifer Skully

Madison O’Donnell loved a lot of things. Chocolate peanut butter cups and hot dogs with extra mustard. The treasures she found on her once-a-month rounds of the Saturday garage sales with her mother. A good mystery, a great romance, and erotic movies on streaming. She loved telling clients she’d cut her boss into pieces and stuffed his body parts into the bottom drawer of her filing cabinet. It made them smile, and goodness knew people needed a smile when faced with a tax consultation early in the morning. Madison loved to make people smile. She loved her wavy titian hair—the word red would never do. She loved her three older brothers, her mother, and her mother’s sugar-n-lemon pancakes.

Yes, Madison loved,but she’d never been in love,and falling in love was something she absolutely had to do before she turned twenty-eight. Which meant she had only fifteen days left to achieve that nearly impossible goal before it was too late.

But fall in love with whom? After pondering the question the entire day, Madison still hadn’t a clue.

T. Laurence Hobbs, her staid yet adorable boss, entered her cube and blew her musings to the winds. On the other side of her cubicle, fingers tapped ditties on keyboards and the low rumble of voices drifted through the six-foot partitions. The phone rang on the desk in front of her. T. Larry—a nickname she loved and he’d endured with long-suffering sighs over the seven years he’d employed her—harrumphed when her hand went automatically to the receiver. During office hours, T. Larry liked the personal touch of a real human being talking to clients rather than a voicemail menu. So, choosing the phone over him, Madison swung her chair, put her back to him, and answered with a chipper smile.

“Carpal, Tunnel, and Syndrome.Mr. Hobbs’s office.”Spoken fast and slurred, the client wouldn’t understand the play on words, which should have been Carp, Alta, and Hobbs, CPAs. T. Larry would know, though. His frown jabbed her between the shoulder blades, and her smile widened. She loved teasing him.

“Hey, beautiful, what are you doing?”

She didn’t recognize the voice on the other end, but hanging up on anyone calling her beautiful was inconceivable. A nice voice, sexy, deep.The perfect voice for phone sex lite. Who was it? She could have asked, but relished figuring out his identity on her own.

Hoping for a clue, she said, “Just waiting for your call.”

At her back, T. Larry puffed like a fire-breathing dragon.

“What are you wearing?”

Could it be Jim? He’d always wanted to know the color of her panties. Though he’d never asked over the phone.“Something red and lacy,” she told him.

T. Larry broke into a spasm of coughing, recovering before she had to turn around and pound his back.

“You’re driving me crazy, how was your day, did you think of me?” was said as one purring sentence, as if her mystery man had only one thought on his mind.

Not Jim, the voice was too tempting. Not Matthew either, since he’d broken it off over a month ago at the beginning of May. Unless he’d decided he’d made a mistake. She was willing to forgive just to find out if she could have fallen in love with him given more time. Hmm, what was the best way to play this? “I can’t say I did think of you today.”

“I’m wounded. Make it up to me by having dinner with me.” A touch of laughter laced the deep voice. Matthew, for sure. He had a quirky sense of humor, a thick skin, and it was just like him to forget he’d snapped her in two like a twig.

But she’d forced herself to get over it. Being moody and depressed didn’t do anyone any good, least of all her. Still, “Don’t you think we ought to talk about what happened first?”

T. Larry cleared his throat, then his arm slid into her line of sight, the finger of his other hand tapping the face of his watch. At five minutes to five, she was still on his time.

Matthew went on. “Let’s talk about it over champagne and veal picatta.”

Veal? She couldn’t bear to think about those poor calves stuck in pens and slaughtered like... Madison shoved T. Larry’s arm away. “I’d love to have dinner, but I’ve got to catch the 5:20 train home, and my brother Patrick’s picking me up—”

“Your brother?”

“—and it’s too late to tell him I won’t be on it.” Besides, she shouldn’t have dinner with her former beau without first discussing that goodbye. “So call me tonight, Matthew.”

“Matthew?” A quizzical tone, probably raised eyebrows, too. Oops, she’d put her foot in it. She was always doing that.

“My name’s not Matthew. Is this Kim?”

With only fifteen days left until her birthday, she was beyond the usual embarrassment. “I’m Madison.”

He laughed, a lovely, full laugh that must have come straight from his belly. “I’m really sorry. I thought—”

“And I thought...”

“So what are you doing tonight?” A deep breath, a smile still in his wonderful voice.“How about dinner?”

Madison laughed with him. “You don’t even know me.”

“You’re Madison. I’m Richard.”

“Nice to meet you, Richard, but I still can’t have dinner with you tonight.”

“Because your brother’s picking you up from the 5:20 train.”

T. Larry knocked the back of her chair with his knee. She waved a dismissive hand and plugged a finger in her ear.

“How about tomorrow?”Richard pushed.

Friday. She was free. He really did have an amazing voice. Madison was never one to dismiss coincidence. Coincidence was destiny patting you on the back. Especially with her birthday bearing down like an avalanche.Twenty-eight. What if she never knew what it was like to fall in love? What if Richard was The One, her destiny?

“Okay, I’ll have dinner with you tomorrow.” She bit her lip to keep the excitement from bubbling over. “But no veal.”Then she gave him the address of their office building, named a restaurant nearby, and told him what she looked like so the man of her dreams could recognize her across a crowded room.


Good God. Laurence adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose. Madison O’Donnell had just told a complete stranger the color and texture of her underwear. With the whole office listening on the other side of her cubicle walls. Then she’d made a date with the man.

Unbelievable.Unimaginable. But then Madison always did and said the unthinkable. She wasn’t quite...normal.

Yet T. Laurence Hobbs found himself hopelessly fascinated.

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