Courtesans Tales Box Set 4 – 6

Courtensans Tales Boos 4 - 6 box set cover

Page-turners you won’t be able to put down!” 5-Star Review

My heart was in my throat the whole time!” 5-Star Review

An exclusive and secret agency, for over two hundred yearsand the fantasy is worth every penny.

Three’s a Crowd

Sometimes we get more than we wished for…

When Seth and Courtney O’Brien want to put the sizzle back into their twenty-five-year marriage, they turn to Isabel of Courtesans to find the perfect third. But their fantasy fulfillment just might be destined to tear their marriage apart.

The Stand-In

Satisfaction guaranteed…

In the high stakes business world, the CEO just doesn’t play around with the CFO. It’s totally unethical. Yet with every breath she takes, CEO Devon Parker wants her CFO Hunter Nash. She’s in danger of acting on her ill-advised desires, until Isabel of Courtesans comes up with the perfect solution: find a stand-in. It sounds fabulous… until Hunter discovers her secret.

Surrender to Me

One secret too many…

A year ago, Haley’s husband died in the arms of another woman, but the man Haley had a hard time forgiving was Simon, one of her closest friends and the man who betrayed her by keeping her husband’s infidelities a secret. Yet Simon has loved Haley for years, and now, just when he might have a second chance, it could all blow up in his face if Haley learns there’s another secret he’s keeping from her.

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A night of pure pleasure

I loved the courtesan series. The thought and planning that goes into the scene of each sensual meeting is very romantic and… Read more “A night of pure pleasure”

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The Courtesans Tales

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