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Gideon Jones came back from war a changed man. Though the Maverick billionaires claim he’s one of their own, he knows he doesn’t deserve to be part of their tightly knit unit. Just like he doesn’t deserve Rosie Diaz – an amazing mother and an utterly captivating woman who he can’t stop dreaming about.

Rosie Diaz pulled herself out of the foster care system and made a great life for herself while raising Jorge, the son she adores. Only one thing is missing – a good man, one she can respect and love with her whole heart. A man exactly like her best friend’s older brother Gideon.

When Rosie and Gideon agree to take care of Matt and Ari’s son, Noah, while the couple is on their honeymoon, they have no idea of the havoc two matchmaking little boys can create. Not to mention the steamy kisses that Rosie and Gideon can’t help but steal from each other as their connection deepens and grows. 

But when mother and son are threatened, Gideon will stop at nothing to protect them. Will he finally believe that he truly is Maverick material and worthy of Rosie and Jorge’s love?

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What Readers Are Saying:

Gideon + Rosie & Jorge

This is a lovely story about Gideon and Rosie. They are like extended family of theMaverick Billionaires, but it turns out Gideon becomes one of the Mavericks himself. This is the journey they take to falling in love with one another and becoming a family with Jorge. All of the rest of the Mavericks and… Read more “Gideon + Rosie & Jorge”

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Finding Love Beyond Their Monsters

Gideon is fighting the monsters of war, driven by guilt at the loss of his team to an IED. Rosie is determine to help him see that the guilt he has for leaving behind his sister and losing his team is unfounded. Rosie has her own monster, her ex who seems determined to take her… Read more “Finding Love Beyond Their Monsters”

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Excellent soldier story

Gideon came home with a lot of baggage from War in the Middle East. He now works for one of the Mavericks. Rosie is a single mother who is friends with Ari one of the Maverick’s wives. Suddenly, trouble has found her & Gideon intends to protect her and her son. The characters are realistic… Read more “Excellent soldier story”

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Can’t wait for the next book

Love these books can’t wait for the next one! The story continues to amaze me with the twist and emotion in every… Read more “Can’t wait for the next book”

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What a beautiful story!

I loved reading this book about Gideon, Rosie and her son, Jorge. Talk about love at first sight! But with Gideon”s many problems after coming home from the war, and other things he felt guilty about, he was a mess! But Rosie’s understanding and compassion began to bring him back Then Gideon realized Rosie had… Read more “What a beautiful story!”

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Captivating In Love

Gideon has been dealing with his past memories from being in the military, and not all having been good. Now having been reunited with his long lost sister, feeling remorseful over her as well, and what happened to some of his fellow serve men, he has so much guilt. Rosie a very good friend of… Read more “Captivating In Love”

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Captivating my heart

Love love love this book Gideon and ROZES love story help me tearing up I love the fact that she was a young mother with so much strength and love and raised her son on her own and I love how she was able to help Gideon work through his guilt of losing his team… Read more “Captivating my heart”

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Rosie, Jorge, and Gideon

Gideon couldn’t be prouder for his sister Ari, and he is even prouder to be giving her away in marriage to one of the best men he has come to know. Matt’s 6 year old son Noah is also right there with his dad and new mom during the vows! For the next two weeks,… Read more “Rosie, Jorge, and Gideon”

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What good people come together they can’t create love And miracles and other people’s lives.

I love the fact that People with good heartsBriggs A large mixture of other people together they accomplish miracles in other places and… Read more “What good people come together they can’t create love And miracles and other people’s lives.”

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Love the Mavericks!

Gideon has been back from war for 10 years and recently reconnected with his sister Ari (Fearless In Love), and suffering survivors guilt. Rosie is a sister of the heart with Ari, single mother to her six year old Jorge, and is immediately captivated by Gideon.Captivating In Love is their story finding each other. There… Read more “Love the Mavericks!”

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