Rosie, Jorge, and Gideon

Gideon couldn’t be prouder for his sister Ari, and he is even prouder to be giving her away in marriage to one of the best men he has come to know. Matt’s 6 year old son Noah is also right there with his dad and new mom during the vows! For the next two weeks, Gideon will be taking care of Noah while the newlyweds honeymoon. Now Gideon has to deal with not only Noah but his best friend Jorge and, of course, his mom Rosie. Rosie, Gideon has been trying ever since meeting her to not think of her to no avail. Why doesn’t Gideon want to get close to Rosie since he adores her son? What is Rosie hiding? Will Gideon be willing to support Rosie when he finds out what has been happening? Who’s Archie (Archibald) Finlay? What does he want? Only one way to find out. Read this great story by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully.