Finding Love Beyond Their Monsters

Gideon is fighting the monsters of war, driven by guilt at the loss of his team to an IED. Rosie is determine to help him see that the guilt he has for leaving behind his sister and losing his team is unfounded. Rosie has her own monster, her ex who seems determined to take her son Jorge away from her, even though he hasn’t been there since before the boy was born. Gideon will protect them with his life & the Mavericks will help. Now for two weeks, while Matt & Ari honeymoon, his nephew Noah, Rosie & Jorge, have the opportunity to prove to him that they could make one happy little family. This was a story that hit close to home for me, soldiers suffer with guilt & PTSD & struggle to live a normal life. It is wonderful to read a story that shines light on this, but makes it not look or feel so daunting. Rosie was the perfect match for Gideon & Jorge was the icing on the cake! Check out this story, it was a bit of a slow burn, sexy, steamy(including the sexy shower scene!!) & they hit up some pretty cool art museums in the process!