Wives & Neighbors Book 2 Audiobook

Audiobook Cover of Wives & Neighbors 2 by Jasmine Haynes

Kinky Neighbors Two, the long-awaited sequel!

The Mitchells and the Harts, kinky next-door neighbors, a little wife-swapping and some very hot foursome sex. But things didn’t go quite as planned for these kinky neighbors…

Now, in Kinky Neighbors Two, find out where these two naughty couples are now and what kinky adventures they’ve gotten themselves into. Will they all have a happy ending? Will they go back to the way things were? Is that even possible? Or will someone get their just desserts?

The author highly recommends you read Kinky Neighbors before reading this book.

Kinky Neighbors Two: Cat and Logan’s Just Desserts is a contemporary erotic romance of approximately 9,000 words.

The book contains the following bonus material:

Excerpts from, “Twisted by Love, Reincarnation Tales, Book 1”, “Take Your Pleasure”, and “Double the Pleasure”.

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What Readers Are Saying:

Five Stars

Very good… Read more “Five Stars”

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Five Stars

great… Read more “Five Stars”

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Hot Sex

This book was hot with lots of sex. It is book 2 of Alexis & Drew’s love story. You will love the story… Read more “Hot Sex”

Amazon Reviewer

Classic Case of “You Reap What You Sow”.

A great, short sequel to Kinky Neighbors. In this book, we see a long-lasting, loving relationship…and one that gets exactly what it’s got coming. Be sure to read part 1 first to know why (and fully appreciate) the events that take place in part… Read more “Classic Case of “You Reap What You Sow”.”

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The Best Revenge is to be Happy!!

I am a big fan of Jasmine Hayne’s work, have read most of her books, and especially love her short stories. I am also a fan of her hotwiffing series because the topic is so salacious and taboo, you can’t help but wonder what goes on in other people’s bedrooms. I think that Jasmine has… Read more “The Best Revenge is to be Happy!!”

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Great sequel!

Excellent sequel to Kinky Neighbors! Although short, it is a hot read that brings closure to the Mitchell’s and Harts’ story. A must… Read more “Great sequel!”

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Just what I need

Like many of us, I have really discovered erotic novels, and ‘kinky stuff’after reading 50 shades.I have read A LOT of these types of books and this one is in my top ten. If you want kinky sex, a plot line that you can tell what is going to happen, and a little romance thrown… Read more “Just what I need”

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