The Best Revenge is to be Happy!!

I am a big fan of Jasmine Hayne’s work, have read most of her books, and especially love her short stories. I am also a fan of her hotwiffing series because the topic is so salacious and taboo, you can’t help but wonder what goes on in other people’s bedrooms. I think that Jasmine has given the series a personal touch and elevated the topic to a new- more acceptable- level. Many people may not enjoy this kind of genre but it is a lot more popular in real life than many of us realize and it is amazing what goes on in real life.As for this new installment, it is best to have read the first story- “Kindy Neighbors” – to fully embrace this sequel which is a closure of sorts in the story.In the first story, we meet the 2 couples that risk their own marriages for a little experimentation and how much is too much, will be up to each individual. The couples were very different but each partner got to meet their other – not necessarily better- halves and re-worked their arrangements, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. You will have to check the results for yourselves in Part 2 and see if there is life and happily ever after in hotwiffing!!I particularly enjoyed the bad girl, Cat, who is absolutely delicious in her manipulative and deceiving ways. You can’t help but love to hate her.And I did!!