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Audiobook cover of Fool's Gold by Jennifer Skully

Happy Holidays!

I’m so excited! Lots of things happening around here. First, She’s Gotta Be Mine is free right now. You can check for links at the bottom of the blog. I’ve also had my cover artist, Rae Monet, make all new covers for the Jennifer Skully books! You can see them all on this blog. My other big news is that my husband and I have been working on getting more audiobooks out. And last week two new books went live on Audible, Baby, I’ll Find You and Somebody’s Lover. You all know how I love audiobooks. This month I’ve listened to 6 books while cleaning, doing laundry, taking my daily walks, driving to my Mom’s once a week, and finishing up the Christmas shopping. This month’s best audiobook was Lis Whiel’s A Matter of Trust. Loved it!

To celebrate the new releases, I’m giving away two audiobook copies of Fool’s Gold. To enter the drawing, leave a comment on the blog, along with your email address so that I can contact you. I’ll choose the winners on the Jan 6th blog! Good luck!

Audiobook Cover of Baby, I'll Find You by Jennifer Skully

Okay, first up is Baby, I’ll Find You. June Wayne did a fabulous job narrating. She’s just so good. Of the Skully books, this is my husband’s favorite. For me, it was a very emotional work. My brother Michael gave me a lot of help on the book, too. Here’s a short blurb to whet your appetite.

A man without a future, a woman determined to give him one…

Jamie Baylor goes all the way to Yosemite to find musician Colton Amory, the man of her dreams. The problem? The man who wrote such beautiful music turns out to be a self-pitying jerk. Or so it seems, until Jamie digs deeper and discovers the terrible tragedy that has ruined Cole’s life.

Can two people with nothing left to lose find it all?

A story that will make you laugh and make you cry.

You can find Baby, I’ll Find You at Audible, Amazon, Amazon UK, iTunes.

And then we turn to Jasmine Haynes. Somebody’s Lover is narrated by Shana Savage. She’s got a very sexy voice that both my husband and I think suits The Jackson trilogy perfectly. Somebody’s Lover has always been one of my more emotional stories. As I listened to it again during the proofing process, I felt myself tearing up. I love the Jackson family and their stories. Here’s a brief blurb for you.

Audiobook Cover of Somebody's Lover by Jasmine Haynes

A family torn apart by tragedy…

Widowed three years ago and the mother of two, Taylor feels that life as a woman is passing her by. She longs to be somebody’s secret lover. To Jace, Taylor was his brother’s wife, untouchable yet irresistible, but when he discovers her fantasies, Jace swears he’ll be the one to make them reality. Can his family ever accept another man in Taylor’s life, let alone the black sheep of the family?

You can find Somebody’s Lover at Audible Amazon Amazon UK iTunes.

I hope you’ll listen to excerpt of the audiobooks at Audible!

Audiobook cover of Fool's Gold by Jennifer Skully

Don’t forget to leave a comment and your email to be entered into the contest for the audiobook of Fool’s Gold. Here’s a little reminder about the story!

You met Sheriff Tyler Braxton in She’s Gotta Be Mine. Now he’s back with his own tale in Fool’s Gold.

Goldstone, Nevada: It’s not your typical vacation getaway.

When his sister puts out a distress call, Sheriff Braxton heads out of Cottonmouth to Goldstone, Nevada, never suspecting he’s going to have to offer advice to the lovelorn. A scary enough prospect, but when murder happens, he’s suddenly hip-deep in small-town secrets. Then there’s Simone Chandler. Is she the real thing, or, as with everything else in Goldstone, is she Fool’s Gold?

Cover of She's Gotta Be Mine

Be sure to get your free copy of She’s Gotta Be Mine in ebook! I believe it’s on Sony, too, but I don’t have that link. Enjoy! Kindle, Kindle UK , BN, iBooks, iBooks AU, iBooks UK, Kobo, Smashwords, All Romance, Coffee Time.

Stop by the blog on Monday, 12/23, for a blog about my field trip to Dark Garden, a custom corset shop in San Francisco. Loads of fun, and we all tried on corsets! See the pics!


  1. Hi Ms. Jasmine, Happy Holidays! I've never listened to a book before. Thanks for the chance to win one! Also, thank you for the free ones. Leann

  2. Thank you, Leann! I really enjoy audiobooks. Hope you will, too. And you're welcome for the free books! My pleasure!

    I know you aren't into audiobooks, Pam. I don't think I'll ever convert you, LOL! But I'm so glad you like the new covers for the Skully books! I'm very pleased with the new look and the branding.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  3. I'd love to try to listen to an audiobook as I commute to work. Some of those traffic lights have gotten so long. I feel like I'm sitting there for at least 10 minutes.I'm actually on a break from work right now as I'm visiting my 30 yo daughter in Wisconsin. Her second child is due in March. She has been diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy. She will have a C-section somewhere between 36-38 weeks. I'm there in case of bleeding and to help with my 2 yo granddaughter. So far so good.Thanks for the chance to win your audiobook FOOL'S GOLD.Hope you have a fantastic 2014!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Also thanks for the free one. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings everything that you wish for.

  5. Thanks, Shelley! You're in!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying audiobooks so far, Jackie. They're a great thing for the drive to work. I listen while I'm doing my morning speedwalk and doing dishes.

    You're welcome, Mariska! The audiobooks are through Audible. And they give me free codes to use as prizes or for reviews! It's fabulous!

    I think audiobooks are great, Barbara! My library has a very good selection of them. So good luck!

    All my best to you and your daughter, Laurie. I'm so glad to hear you're there helping her through. I'm sure everything will be fine, but she needs her mom!

    Thank you, Becky. Happy New year to you, too!

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