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Judy in her wedding dress

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I attended the wedding of my very good friend’s daughter last weekend. All the girls were so beautiful, the men handsome, the bride gorgeous, her mom splendid. Hah, it was a barefoot wedding! They got married in a park, and the ground was very sandy, so we all took off our shoes! And on the cake topper, the bride was reclining against the groom dressed in finery on the beach, and no shoes! It was all so very lovely.

Judy in her wedding dress

Then just this morning, another friend of mine sent me a photo of herself in her wedding dress. Okay, I won’t tell you how long ago she was married because I was in her wedding! But she was going through her closet and her daughter is over 21, and she wanted to see how the dress was faring. It certainly has held up well, as has my friend Judy! Doesn’t she look gorgeous, and the dress still fits!!!! The photo brought back wonderful memories of her wedding. We, the bridesmaids, made our own dresses (hmm, no, I don’t still have the dress, but I wish I had a photo of it to post but that was pre-digital days!). We were all best friends from high school. And, of course, seeing her wedding dress made me think of my wedding. My husband and I went to Tahoe and were married in the Minden County courthouse by the judge. He’d just finished sentencing a few prisoners, then popped over to marry us! Haha, someone made a joke about him sentencing the prisoners, then coming over to sentence us! My wedding dress was a tailored cream-colored suit with a teal blouse. Nope, I don’t have that either. The cats used it to climb up to the top shelf in the closet. Um, needless to say, there were several things in my closet that had to be thrown out. But before it was ruined, I wore that suit to work a lot, it served double duty. You can really tell I’m a frugal accountant, can’t you?

So, did you keep your wedding dress? Did you wear your mom’s wedding dress? Would you save yours for your daughter? Or would you make sure yours did double duty like mine did?

Here’s a little update on my husband’s mancation. He had a wonderful trip, and we emailed all the time (well, when we were awake at the same time!). And now he’s home. Wow, that was a very, very long three weeks! I’m so glad he’s home. But the kitchen table is a bit messy again, LOL!

Jasmine, Jennifer and JB!


  1. Your friend looks gorgeous in her wedding dress! Glad you had such a wonderful time at the barefoot wedding you attended. What fun!

    Uh, yeah, I still have my wedding dress, though it certainly wouldn't fit me now! Two kids and too many fast food meals took care of that! It just takes up space in the basement, because I can't see it being used again…except maybe for dress-up.

    I'm glad your hubby is back home…and I know you secretly enjoy the mess he brings with him. [grin]

  2. Congrats Alexa!Hi Jas, It's amazing how the times have changed, that Groom must have been so comfy at his wedding. I never was married but I am looking forward to my daughter getting married. She's only 20 so I hope not for a while still. That's great your friend can still fit in her dress.

  3. Yes, Rosemary, she still looks gorgeous! And the barefoot wedding was so much fun. And LOL, you've got me there, I do secretly enjoy the mess because it's so nice to have my husband back. But we'll see how long that lasts!

    My mom never kept her wedding dress, either, Estella. She got married right after WWII and things were still rationed in England and there was not enough of everything to go around. So she shared a dress with some other girls.

    Yes, Dena, your daughter is still so young, she's got plenty of time!

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