The Norwegians are Coming!

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Remember that old movie, The Russians are Coming! Late sixties with Alan Arkin. Very funny and silly. And this week I have my own invasion, the Norwegians! My husband’s cousins. They’re coming for two weeks to celebrate hubby’s birthday. Yes, he gets to celebrate for two weeks. Who else gets a birthday that lasts that long? So I hustled to get the first draft of After Midnight done. That’s my next Berkley book. Writers never just write, they always have to rewrite, so I wanted to get the first draft done in order to be able to cogitate on the second draft while the Norwegians are here. And in order to do that, I wrote 60,000 words in March. Whew! That was working 7 days a week. But I did it! Then this weekend we spring-cleaned. I know it’s his birthday, but hubby (let’s just call him the Viking God) had to help. Those windows look so lovely! And I cannot even begin to tell you how much dog hair came out of the couch. Oops maybe I shouldn’t admit that. I’ve been scouring local travel magazines for things to do, too. This is the third visit from our Norwegians, so we have to think of somewhere new to take them. Hearst’s Castle is on the list (don’t miss Hers for the Evening coming in May; Hearst’s Castle is featured!). And I also found lots of fun stuff in Golden Gate Park that I didn’t know was there. Like the windmills! They are Dutch style windmills and right now all the tulips will be out. And of course, there’s the new Academy of Sciences. The old Museum of Natural History which included a planetarium and aquarium was damaged in the ’89 quake, and when the Norwegians visited, there were only two walls standing. And I haven’t been to the new one! So, we’ve got lots of fun things planned. Plus the birthday party for the Viking God. He’s requested a stripper. Um, does he really think he’s going to get one!?

And I got some more reading done! Last up was the fourth installment in Shelley Adina’s young adult “All About Us” series called Who Made You A Princess. I loved it! In fact, I love the whole series! There are 6 books, and I’m reading the 5th one now. And the audiobook I’m listening to is The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I know the whole Twilight phenom, but I actually like The Host better. It’s about a race of aliens that take over human bodies, basically they’re parasites, and the resistance against them.

Happy Easter!!!!


  1. Thank you, Estella! Yesterday was grueling, their flight was 3 hours late and they were 2 hours in customs. I thought I'd missed them, but swear it, they were the last ones out! But they're here and safe and now the fun begins. My husband is taking the week off, so a nice long celebration!

  2. Thank you SO much, Jasmine! And I love your upcoming cover–it's hot! I hope you enjoyed spring break and happy belated birthday to your husband!

  3. Hello! JasmineJust want to say … 5 Sleeps until Take your Pleasure .. Woohoo!! Can't wait … Hope you have a great weekend.Terra

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